Dems front Libertarian Candidate in IN-9 to split vote

Todd Young (IN-9) is leading the charge to take back Congress to fiscal conservatism.  Karl Rove (http://youtu.be/w8GC1FjtOak)  and Time have put Todd Young in the spotlight as a bellwether for Republican voter support on election night.  IN-9 election results will be among the first called on election night thereby setting the tone for west coast voters as they enter the polls after work.  Young has a better than 8 point lead according to internal polling at Todd Young for Congress.  Young is facing blue dog incumbent Baron Hill whom the national Democrats are dumping money on to run a false smear campaign against Young.  The onslaught of TV, Radio and mail adverts have falsely and repeatedly labeled Young as a rich lawyer from Carmel, an extremist that supports a 23% additional sales tax (Fair Tax half-truth), a proponent of eliminating social security (fear mongering  toward seniors) and now a new low. … a clear sign of desperation, the Democrat machine has recently funded a mailing for the Libertarian candidate, Greg Knot, calling Knot the “Real Conservative”.  Knot actually runs on his support for the Fair Tax, but in these mailings the Fair Tax is described for its benefits (not mentioning the 23% sales tax).  Young continues with a positive message of a conservative fiscal foundation (even citing Milton Friedman and F. A. Hayek as inspiration) exemplified in this bio webisode: http://youtu.be/r7AozaNG4d4. If Young can hold on against the tidal wave of false information, he may well be Indiana’s brightest new conservative.  Young’s notable accomplishments include an MBA from University of Chicago, a JD from Indiana University, BS from the Naval Academy,  and left the Marines as a captain.