Open Letter to Mitch McConnell: "Hell no, I won't give you any more money."

The hardest thing about penning this diary is this introductory part here where I have to come out of the closet and reveal for the first time publicly that I actually gave Mitch McConnell a donation in the 2008 election cycle. (RedStaters, please forgive me for I knew not what I was doing).

Ya see, due to Mitch’s ardent fight against the McCain-Feingold abomination, I had this picture of Mitch being this principled conservative willing to go to the mat for conservative values and conservative causes. And in the midst of the tornadic storm that was brewing in the fall of ’08, I succumbed to one of Mitch’s dire fundraising appeals and sent him a check. (hey, you over there in the first row…put down those tomatoes and you, there in the back, stop rolling your eyes and muttering under your breath as to my mental capacity and acuity…or lack thereof).

As I watched Mitch over the last two years repeatedly get rolled by Harry Reid and whose response to such rolling was to utter in front of the cameras: “Thank you, my friend across the aisle, can I have another, please,” I came to the realization that I’d been had. After two years of watching Mitch enmesh himself in ‘the process’, and witnessing him continually undercut grassroots candidates in favor of “Establishment” lackeys, I realized I had never been more wrong in contributing to a candidate, and have never regretted it more.

Well, until this weekend.

Because of that contribution, I am now on Mitch’s solicitation list for campaign money. Which means that this weekend I received a letter from Mitch pleading for funds so he can ‘stop the onslaught of the Obama-Reid liberal agenda’.

And that meant, I got to write Mitch the following letter:

Dear Sen. McConnell,

Yesterday, I received a campaign contribution solicitation from your office. Since I am certain that the only person who will see the note that I attached will be the campaign worker who opens your mail, I felt it only right that at least someone on your staff is made aware of my response which was as follows:

“Hell no, I won’t send you any money, and I regret having ever contributed to your campaign in the first place. Your refusal to use every Senatorial procedural rule at your disposal to derail Health Care Reform was inexcusable. Your support for “Establishment” candidates over grassroots Tea Party candidates, your gutless refusal to strip Lisa Murkowski of her chairmanship(s) when she refused to abide by the results of a GOP primary, along with your current fight to maintain the practice of earmarks which is despised by Republicans and Independents alike show that not only did you learn nothing from the Nov. 2nd elections, you are, indeed, part of the problem in Washington D.C. (the fact that Barack Obama is going to be able to paint himself as more fiscally conservative than you on this issue demonstrates that you are either utterly enamored with the power of Washington D.C., politically brain dead…or both)

So, I will not be contributing to your campaign now, or at anytime in the future. But I will be contributing heavily to whomever decides to mount a primary challenge to you in 2014.”

Sen. McConnell (or whoever’s actually reading this) the old days of Republicans being able to talk like conservatives back in their Red states, and then go back to DC and be part of the ‘good old boys’ club and Georgetown cocktail circuit are over. Congressman Boehner gets this. Apparently, you don’t.

See ya in 2014!

Won’t do a damn bit of good…but take this as fair warning, Sen. McConnell and the rest of you “Establishment Elite” types: In case you missed this message on November 2nd, the days of Beltway Banditry by those who purport to represent conservative values in the Republican Party are over! You work for us…not vice versa.

If you think that we’re hitting the snooze alarm, rolling over, and going back to sleep like we did in ’04, you are sadly mistaken. To paraphrase one of Bill Cosby’s schticks – we brought you into office and we can damn well take you out.


Your Boss