When a Picture's Worth 488 Words

Mike Castle is the presumptive nominee for the GOP senatorial seat in Deleware this fall, or at least that’s what conventional wisdom says. That’s what the power brokers say. And that’s what the MainStreamMedia says.

The same folks who insisted that the road back for the GOP lay with Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, Trey Grayson and Tim Bridgewater are now saying that only Mike Castle can bring to the GOP the pickup of the seat formerly held by Joe “Gaffemeister” Biden.

So, interested in examining just how Mike would advance the conservative, Republican agenda? Well, let’s see what the non-partisan On The Issues and Project Vote Smart have in the way of revealing how Congressman Castle might vote as Senator Castle:

Abortion: Castle has been rated as low as 0% by the National Right to Life Committee having voted Yes on federal funding of embyonic stem cell research, No on resticting the transportation of minors to receive abortions, and Yes on requiring taxpayer-funded military hospitals to provide abortions. Question: Considering Rep. Castle’s pro-choice voting record, would he have a pro-Roe v Wade litmus test for judicial nominees to the federal courts?

Social Issues: Rep. Castle received as low as a 0% rating from the American Family Association and an 18% from the Family Research Council garnered as a result of votes for repealing the Defense of Marriage Ammendment and banning employment discrimination against gays and against a Constitutional Ammendment banning same-sex marriage and ending affirmative action when it comes to admission to a college or university.

2nd Ammendment: Mike Castle received an “F” from the National Rifle Association (I do believe that’s as low as they go). ‘Nuff said.

Energy: Mike Castle voted in favor of the economically detructive government takeover of our energy production misnamed “Cap & Trade” (one of only 8 Republicans to do so) but has repeatedly opposed oil exploration in the forsaken tundra of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Immigration: The anti-illegal immigration group Americans for Better Immigration has rated Castle a C+ overall with grades ranging from an A to an F in individual years.

Taxes & Spending: 57% lifetime average from Citizens Against Government Waste (31% in 2008); the Tea Party-affiliated Freedom Works scored him at 35% in 2007; and the National Taxpayers Union gave Castle a grade of D for the 2008 session (probably because of votes against eliminating the Death Tax and against exempting middle-class taxpayers from the onerous burdens of the Alternative Minimum Tax, a tax enacted in the 1960’s to ensure the top 400 wage earners in the country paid taxes but which now ensnares millions of middle-class filers).

With a record like that, it’s no wonder that Human Events has Mike Castle listed as one of its top ten RINOs (Republicans in Name Only); or that the Club for Growth rated him at 43% in 2009 or the American Conservative Union rated him at 28% in 2008. Just how “Republican” is Mike Castle? Well, in 2008, Castle joined virtually every Democrat in the House to ask a Congressional Committee to investigate whether George Bush lied about invading Iraq and whether that should lead to impeachment procedings.

Now, that’s a rather lengthy exposition of Mike Castle’s decidedly left-of-center voting record and, thus, might be a bit much for the average person to remember off the top of his head. So, with that in mind, perhaps a picture will be worth 488 words:


Yes, that would be Mike Castle joining in applause with pro-life stalwarts Barack Obama, Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Nancy Pelosi as President Obama signed the bill which allows the use of American tax dollars to fund embryonic stem cell research. Apparently, Mike wasn’t content just to vote with the liberal Dems, he found himself like-minded enough and chummy enough to celebrate with them as well.

Now, if that picture gives you a rather nauseous, disgusted feeling in the pit of your stomach, the antidote is that you don’t have to accept electing a person with Mike Castle’s liberal voting record to the Senate because there is an alternative.

And before you go there, everyone said Marco Rubio didn’t have a chance either.

Originally posted at 73wire.com