"Health Care Reform"...and Pearl Harbor

So last night, shortly before retiring for the evening with Mrs. Burke, I did my usual last-minute nightly check of RedState, The Hill and FireDogLake whereupon I came across the announcement that there appeared to be an agreement between our favorite Botox Babe and Rep. Stupak on his abortion concerns. So, of course, I did the logical thing and decided it was a great time to write a diary. Mrs. Burke was less than amused…but then again, she long ago gave me up as hopeless.

That endeavor then led to me to a second endeavor – an attempt to figure out how this side-car ammendment (an ‘enrollment ammendment’ I believe it’s called) would work Constitutionally (not that that document means a bloody thing to the Dems). But that started to make my head hurt so I did the next logical thing – I took 2 Jacks and went to bed.

But as I stared at the ceiling (been doing that a lot the last couple of weeks) several thoughts flitted through my head and, at one o’ clock in the morning, a diary was conceived; to wit – no matter what happens on Sunday, for conservatives, several long-term thoughts need to be taken away from this abomination.

First, for all the conservatives who spent the last week obsessing over every faux announcement made by the Dems and their sycophants in the media, this whole episode with Stupak proves that all the bluster from the Marxist Dem leadership all week about ‘having the votes’ was just a mirage designed to create a sense of inevitability. It was the greatest slight of hand since Houdini and the greatest flim-flam since P.T. Barnum said that a sucker was born every minute. That so many people who know how full of (insert your noun of choice here) the Democrats and their lying, biased, worthless, Marxist allies in the media are to be sucked into the vortex of their sewer was disappointing.

Second, this whole sordid, corrupt, unConstitutional abomination revealed to the average American the cesspool that is Washington today. There have been a lot of unConstitutional shenanigans going on for years (including, to be honest, some by the GOP although nowhere near the level of what the Dems have and are doing) that are about to be exposed in Court because if this thing passes, it’ll be tied up in court for years.

Third, and most importantly,the sleeping giant of the Americans who actually make this country work has been awakened. For many years, (and I absolutely include myself in this) we were content to go to work, raise our families, and vote in elections and while we would, between friends and family, bemoan the encroaching tentacles of government, and the ‘chipping away’ of our freedoms, we just went on with our daily lives of being productive citizens of this greatest of all countries.

But I believe, and I pray that I am right, that Obama and his minions may have made a strategic long-term mistake with this egregious and sordid assault on the very foundations of our liberties. For years we, the American silent majority, have been the frog in the kettle only vaguely aware that the Fabians were slowly but continually raising the temperature of the water. Well, this whole debacle had the effect of applying a blow-torch to the kettle and, judging from the activism I’ve seen in the last 6 months, and especially the last few weeks, the frog is no longer in the kettle; he’s been singed by the fire…and he’s hopping mad.

Their is a quote, perhaps apocryphal, attributed to Admiral Yomomoto following the Japenese attack on Pearl Harbor where, when asked why, in this moment of ultimate Japenese truimph, he seemed in despair, he replied “I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant.’

Historians don’t know if that quote ever actually was uttered or whether it just came from the fertile imagination of a screenwriter’s mind. But what I pray historians will be certain of is that no matter what the outcome of tomorrow’s vote, this has become our Pearl Harbor.

The giant is awake.

We are the cavalry.

Let’s roll.