Ok, Somebody Go Pop a Whole Bunch of Popcorn...

….’cause this is gonna be fun.
The Hill is reporting that Pelosi is close to reaching an agreement with Stupak to give him a separate vote on his abortion resolution (called an ‘enrollment resolution) which would instruct the Senate clerk to change the language in the Senate bill to match that of the House. Aside from the minor details as to whether this is Constitutional, or whether the Senate would even pass such a measure, the Pro-Abortion caucus in the House is out of their minds with rage.
Their visibly angry head abortionist came out after a 30 minute meeting w/Pelosi and said that any agreement w/Stupak on this and Pelosi will lose 40 – 55 votes “and we mean it this time. If that causes healthcare reform to fail then it will be the fault of the Republicans and the anti-abortion Dems”.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Botox Queen wouldn’t even be lowering herself to talk to Stupak if she had the votes elsewhere. That means we got a nice little game of chicken going on here where Nancy gets to decide who’s bluffing – Stupak or the pro-choice Dems. My money is that she knows Stupak ain’t gonna fold so she’s gonna try to convince her murdering sisters that this whole reconciliation thing ain’t gettin’ through the Senate anyway and they don’t want to really kill their Holy Grail they’ve waited 70 years for.
No wonder Stupak looked like the cat that ate the canary a couple of days ago when he said that the leadership list of his Dozen wasn’t even close and he predicted that on the last night they’d be coming to him looking for a deal. I’m betting that means a couple of his people are hiding out in the ‘yes’ column so as to not attract attention.
Bottom line – SanFranNan’s gotta be filling her drawers right now.
Where’s the popcorn?