Don't Let Yourself Be Played

I am a student here at Michigan State University. My family’s alma-mater and it is a place I am passionate about. I am also a passionate conservative. Here at MSU that leaves me as the minority. There was a large gathering here for a Ron Paul rally yesterday, however I believe a majority of the attendees (at least from MSU) were there to sign the “Legalize Cannabis” petitions floating around. When Obama came and spoke in front of thousands here in East Lansing in 2008, he had the nerve to wear my basketball team’s jersey and I cringed as he spoke to a group of my fellow students. At that time, we all knew he was going to win that election…I made it my goal to not let that happen in 2012.

Ron Paul is essentially meaningless here in the “Mitten.” Newt Gingrich has already left for the Music City. Rick Santorum however, has recently reached out to the prominent Democrat union members throughout the state and encouraged them to vote for him in today’s primary. Reaching out to pure-Obama votes and asking them to help Obama beat the Republicans. I respect his confidence, but are we all blinded by the fact that he is the polar-opposite of the most liberal president of our time? Do we think that is electable against an incumbent? Can you not see that the reason the Obama campaign continually stirs up controversial social issues in order to make conservatives rally around the less-electable Santorum? Obama’s camp knows that they could crush Santorum. I hope deep down, Santorum supporters know he would be crushed in November. Stay true to your ideals, but vote with your mind rather than your heart.

There is no such thing as a perfect candidate. Don’t let yourself be played by the Obama administration.

I am writing this post (my first diary post on RedState) to reach out to all of my peers, as well as to conservative readers throughout RedState. Wherever you are from, do what you can to help Mitt Romney achieve the Republican nomination. Come November, you won’t regret it.