CBS 'unscientific' poll on Obamas' 1st year

While the major polls are showing Obama at or just below 50% in popularity, the left-leaning CBS network is running it’s own poll in which Obama could only wish he was as high as that.

The results, as of about 11:00 am PST Sunday were:

The Economy

A: 2.07% B: 3.33%  C: 5.03%  D: 18.80%  F: 70.77%

Foreign Policy

A: 3.95% B: 3.36% C: 7.70% D: 22.69% F: 62.29%

Health Care

A: 2.27% B: 2.47%  C: 3.56% D: 9.84% F: 81.86%


A: 3.42% B: 13.34% C: 27.54% D: 24.47% F: 31.23%


A: 3.68% B: 9.61% C: 26.11% D: 24.70% F: 35.90%

Threat of Terrorism

A: 3.27% B: 3.90% C: 7.61% D: 19.81% F: 65.42%

Energy and the Environment

A: 2.97% B: 4.31% C: 12.02% D: 21.09% F: 59.61%

Social Issues

A: 3.46%  B: 4.36% C: 12.96% D: 20.97% F: 58.26%


A: 3.22% B: 2.64% C: 4.21% D: 9.05% F: 80.88%

Obama’s Overall Job as President

A: 2.70% B: 3.46% C: 4.17% D: 25.82% F: 63.85%

NOTE: This is not a scientific poll. The results above are for information purposes only, and should not be confused with the results of the scientific polls conducted by CBS News.


The only categories where he gets a passing grade are the two wars that he opposed so strongly on the campaign trail. Of course, these are the very areas where he has made little or no change from the Bush administration.


Now if my kids brought home these grades, they would be in BIG trouble. True, this is ‘unscientific’, but highly revealing.


You may still be able to visit this poll at: http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2010/01/19/politics/politicalhotsheet/entry6116297.shtml?tag=%20stack