NOAA is now the “Climate Change” authority

           Is global warming a real phenomena or a hoax cooked up by progressive ‘scientists’? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, (NOAA), says it’s real and we need to prepare.


            Clearly the NOAA is taking the stand that global warming is real and documented in spite of the discredited data and models used by the IPCC. They have articles about the uncertainty of the monsoon and a ton of graphs that don’t really say anything to the non-climatologist. Furthermore, the slant of some of the articles seems to say that the warming is caused by human activity.

            I’m wondering if this is another attempt by the progressive Obama administration to bypass congress and start pushing its’ agenda onto the American economy through regulations instead of legislation.


I don’t claim to know, but I hope some rational, ‘redstate’ climatologists visit the new government website at http://www.climate.gov/ and report back here with their opinion of the data and presentation the NOAA is selling us.