The State of the Union speech frightened me

(a few days late, but better than never)

The State of the Union speech frightened me. That was a not a speech by someone who sees himself as President of the United States as defined in our Constitution. That was a speech by a totalitarian, someone with no respect for separation of powers nor for the American public and who is attempting to pit groups of people (including the Senate and the House) against each other.

The refrain “I will not give up” could very well have been phrased “I will do what I want and there is nothing anyone can do to stop me.” Obama stood in the Capitol last night and told us that he doesn’t care what we think (two-thirds of people do not want the House or the Senate version of health insurance reform, but he demanded they continue on anyway), he doesn’t care what Congress thinks (the Senate turned away his request for an executive commission to tell Congress what they can and can’t vote for, but he doesn’t care, he’ll do it by executive order anyway), and in the most brazen display of contempt for the institutions of our country that I can remember from a public official, he does not care what the Supreme Court thinks.

That speech frightened me and I hope, but am no longer sure, that our country remains recognizable in the years to come because Barack Obama has made clear that he is bent on destroying it.