Why doesn't everyone think like me?

Just weeks into the Obama Presidency I expected everyone to be coming out with pitchforks to knock this conceited joker out of office.  I couldn’t believe people didn’t see him the way I did.   I am a slow learner.   After the tea party events on April 15, 2009, I watched on Keith Olbermann’s show how he and J. Garafalo went after the tea partiers as being racists and rednecks.  I was glued to the news the next day waiting for an apology.  It never came.  Sadly, not only was the American public content to give Obama’s policies a try, but the media has also sunk to a level where they feel comfortable openly attacking everyday citizens. 

I think the hardest part of moving forward is accepting where you are.  Obama’s Presidency has highlighted the values of the political class and the media, including the entertainment industry.  The country is now divided more than ever.  Unfortunately, the advantage is still on the side of the lefts and the liberals.  The fact is that we have many inherent, structural problems in our society that have allowed the left to dictate the rules of political discourse. 

If we are to convince independents, moderates, ill-informed democrats that conservativism is best for their future, than we must acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead of us, and circumvent the inherent advantage the left has in getting its message out.   Tea Partiers and conservatives want drastic change, and we’d like to see it as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, for many American, especially those that do not make the effort to inform themselves, change is not appealing.  It is not comforting, and they will find any way to support the status quo.  The left will paint conservatives as amoral, radical, misguided or ignorant, and many will believe that simply because they don’t want to face the truth of where we are as a country and what will need to be done to fix it. 

There is no magic formula for speaking the truth to these Americans.  But that should not keep us from acknowledging that we are asking people to see the world, their country and their President in a way they don’t want to see them.  The Dresden Flags, and bizarre anti-Obama shrines that you might see rolling down a CA freeway may just drive them away.   I’d like to think about some ways that we can draw them in.  The easiest and most direct way is through conversation.  I came up with a few “fun facts” that I tried to keep simple, but also relevant to most Americans.   if anyone has any other suggestions or anecdotes that might be helpful, I would love to hear them.

On the surface the interference by the federal government in Boeing’s decision to build in South Carolina is a union issue.  I’d like to make it more personal than that.  In the past the community that offers the best overall package to a company will get the facility.  If the federal governemnt can start making these decisions rather than the company, than it could affect any community.  In a time of high unemployment, everyone is scrambling for jobs.  What if the government were to take away a business investment from your community to give it to thier political favorites.

More government power means more opportunity for corruption.  If the government is making the decisions that effect the livlihood of businesses, the businesses are working for the government not the consumers or the people working for them.

10 years ago a 250 Euro hotel room would cost about US$217, last month, it cost me $353.  The US dollar is declining

Stealing from Santorum here, but Obama’s foreign policy successes have come from his continuation of Bush’s policies. 

The deficit is too large to cover with the profits of all the Fortune 500 companies combined.  Fortune 500 combined profits in 2009 were $391 billion.   The deficit for 2011 is expected to top 1 trillion dollars.  Why are we blaming corporations for Washington’s spending problem?  http://money.cnn.com/2010/04/13/news/companies/fortune_500_profits.fortune/index.htm

Medicare will change:  The cost of this program is escalating out of the control.  Entitlement spending will consume the entire federal budget in 10 years.  There is no option to avoid changing Medicare.  Obama will have his Independent Patient Advisory Board to ration care to cut costs.  Everyone will get the same level of care.  Doctors and patients would no longer make the decisions on their care.  Paul Ryan’s plan is making an effort to save Medicare by making it more consumer focused.   

Mary Katherine Ham has noted that the nations roughly 400 billionaires have a net worth of approximately 1.3 trillion, while the deficit for 2011 is estimated to be 1.6 trillion.  The deficit cannot be covered on the backs of the rich.  http://dailycaller.com/2011/03/11/hammertime-moores-national-resources/

 My last point is one that I think about everyday.  As consumers we have the power to choose what products we want.  The corporations, driven by profit motive, try to respond to our desires through innovation and improving efficiencies of production.  Putting government between the consumer and the corporation will take away our power, and we as taxpayers will be paying our government to make decisions for us.  Is this really the kind of country we want for our kids? 

I want more people to see things my way, but some never will.  Meanwhile there are millions of Americans who do not want to think about or believe the things we at Red State talk about and debate every day.  Many of these Americans will be turned off by what they see as scare tactics.  There a many simple ways we can have these philosophical discussions that can gently sway opinions, change minds or even better, encourage fellow Americans to become more informed themselves.