RedState's WaterCooler! Tuesday, 3/28/2017 - Open Thread - Dear Mr. President, Quick Healthcare Fix: Rein in Big Pharma


Calendar Supplement

  • Tuesday, 28 March
    • Book Release – “Richard Nixon: The Life” by John A. Farrell. Even before today’s release to regular folks, Farrell’s biography of the 37th President earned accolades as the definitive historical guide to Nixon from “cradle to grave” so far and likely going forward. As well it should, at almost 800 pages and 28 hours and 37 minutes (released on the same day) depending on your preferred medium. ¶ The Washington Post writes, “Farrell avoids one conventional assumption: that Nixon was always Tricky Dick, a tortured schemer who mastered the dark arts of politics. He does follow the trail of liberal derision throughout Nixon’s life, but he sticks close to the man, depicting not only his anxieties and anger but also his sincerity and self-discipline. That approach helps explain Nixon’s resonance in American politics over nearly three decades.”
    • 4:00 pm – Secretary of State Tillerson and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly will meet with the President. Given yesterday’s “tense” day trip to Detroit by Kelly, two possible topics might be illegal immigration and religious and ethnic profiling at ports of entry.
  • Wednesday, 29 March
    • 11:00 am – 2017 Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage (IWOC) Award. Since the first Ceremony eleven years ago, there have been over 100 women from 60 countries honored. This year First Lady Melania Trump and Under Secretary of State will present the awards.  “This award honors women who have demonstrated exceptional courage, strength, and leadership in acting to improve others’ lives. It is an extraordinary opportunity to bring international attention and support to women who have put their lives and/or personal safety at risk in order to improve their communities.”
  • Thursday, 30 March
    • On Secretary of State Tillerson schedule, is a prearranged meeting with Turkey’s President Erdogan. One of Tillerson’s goals is presumably to clarify the US position on retaking Raqqa from ISIS. The international community has been promising for going on a year and a half to settle on a plan with an agreed date to attack, but no one country has taken the lead. Tillerson will likely discuss an outline for movement in addition to relations with Iran, Syria, and Cyprus.. ¶ Turkey is expected to vote on an internationally controversial referendum to extend powers to the President. It is unclear whether the Secretary will address the topic during his visit.

The 45th President’s childhood home sold to highest bidder.

Monday Paramount auction house confirmed the sale of the first home toddler Trump lived. A home his dad Fred built. The five-bedroom Tudor purchased in December for $1.39m, recently sold for $2.14m.

EpiPen maker Mylan misleads the Feds; now may owe more than settled half a billion.

Late last year Mylan was called before Congress to explain a $500 increase since 2007 for their emergency allergy injector with particular attention paid to schools and Medicaid patients [C-span Video]. It was a sad, sad showing for boss lady, Ms. Heather Bresch.

During the hearing, Senator Chaffetz asked Ms. Bresch to submit supporting information concerning the classification of the drug to Medicaid recipients. Mylan suggested the EpiPen was a brand name drug, while in fact, the Medicaid auto-injector was generic.

Why is this economically significant for Mylan and further to the Medicaid program?

Drugmakers pay a rebate of 13 percent to state Medicaid programs on sales of generics, rather than a minimum rebate of 23.1 percent on branded drugs.

Mylan previously settled with the government for $465M, but that figure was calculated based on four years from 2012 to 2016.

The arrearage goes back to the 90s before Mylan bought EpiPen in 2007.

The amount Mylan underpaid Medicaid may exceed the settlement, the study’s authors suggest, because their estimate covers two EpiPen formulations over only four years.

It’s time for President Trump to work on another of his campaign promises: rein in pharmaceutical companies. Imagine the windfall for health care programs like Medicaid as well as the individual and families.

It’s a component of healthcare Trump could resolve now that would likely get bipartisan agreement.


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