RedState's WaterCooler! Friday, 3/17/2017 - Open Thread - Breaking News! Baby, not blob emerges from woman's womb! and, NJ to Trump


BREAKING NEWS! Doctor claims Medical Miracle: Baby, not blob emerges from woman’s womb!

Until two days ago, the conventional wisdom was for nine months a pregnant woman would carry in her uterus a mass of disorganized organisms; therefore, a mass of disorganized organisms would discharge at delivery. However, something new, original and completely unexpected occurred.

It is unclear whether this event is an aberration or if more women can expect their pregnancy tissue to transform into a fully formed human, but Doctors who were present at the moment the blob of cells became a baby proclaimed it a “medical miracle.”

“The baby you see was indeed just a part of that woman’s body, moments ago,” the doctor who delivered the child said. “He is now clearly a separate, unique human being—just like that. We’re all fascinated, honestly. It’s astounding. We have no explanation.”

The mother was surprised and elated.

“Our little bundle of joy is so precious,” mother Hannah Bramer told reporters as she held her baby boy for the first time. “It’s hard to believe little Ashton was an unrecognizable blob of tissue just a few minutes ago.”

“I have no idea how this happened, but I am so happy,” she added.

As science grows into an accepted form of evidence and observation, the antiquated notion of irrational justification should become the exception. There may yet be hope for unborn globulous cells!

New Jersey legislature tells Trump to put up or shut up!

Earlier this week, New Jersey’s Democrat-led Legislature passed by bicameral agreement a bill that would limit ballot access to Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates who produce at least five years of federal tax returns.

It’s true NJ Gov Chris Christie and Donald have drifted apart, but I doubt so far adrift is Christie he would deliberately disqualify Trump in his state in 2020. But the Democrats are cocksure of Christie’s defeat in November, so …

“This will be the law. If this governor doesn’t sign it the next one will. This is about whoever is going to run for president prospectively,” [Democrat Assemblyman John] McKeon said.

The Garden State is only one of many who may present President Trump with an ultimatum.

Last week, Hawaii became the first state to send similar legislation to a full floor vote. At least 24 states are considering similar bills, the National Conference on State Legislatures said Thursday evening.

It’s worth noting that for 24 states to consider hogtying the President’s re-election to his tax returns, seven or eight of those states must be Republican-governed.

The bill did not pass unopposed.

GOP Assemblyman Jay Webber had the sharpest critique of the legislation, arguing the constitution requires only three things of prospective presidents: that they be natural born citizens, at least 35 years old and 14 years a resident.

“This is a doozy,” he said. “This is both transparently political and blatantly unconstitutional.”

The flip-side to Webber’s argument:

McKeon countered that the 2000 Bush v. Gore Supreme Court ruling established states have latitude in governing ballots.

A quick and layman’s analysis of the US Supreme Court’s decision in Bush v. Gore as it relates to state sovereignty over a federal election is that the Court did indeed decide for the State of Florida. However, the Federal Supreme Court did so by overruling a Florida Supreme Court decision. See the contradiction?

It’s an intriguing state’s rights discussion.

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