WikiLeaks' Attorney confirms quid pro quo extradition "deal." Arrangements for Assange surrender unclear.

I’m sure you’ve heard, President Obama knocked 28 years off of convicted spy Bradley Manning’s sentence yesterday.

As head cheerleader and benefactor of Manning’s theft, WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange responds to the former intelligence analyst’s presidential commutation:

Holed up in Ecuador’s London embassy, the multi-State fugitive challenged Obama via Twitter six days ago.

Seeming to suggest Obama’s move may have sealed the deal, Assange tweeted this.

Up to til now the challenge appeared one-sided, but WikiLeaks attorney seems to be answering a question rather than making a statement.

Did President Obama make another Bergdahl-style trade – Manning’s freedom for Assange’s head? Or was the traitor’s get-out-of-jail-free card a box to be checked on Obama’s legacy list?

Nothing yet from the Obama administration.