Boeing CEO advises Trump, Trump tweet plunges Boeing stock

“We want Boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money.” It’s a startling statement coming from a billionaire, wouldn’t you say?

The exchange seemed to start when Trump tweeted out this gem this morning, The Washington Post reports.

Followed less than an hour later by the morning bell that saw a drop in Boeing stock by almost $2 a share; rallying moments later. Why? Reflexive response to a seemingly random tweet by the President-elect to cancel a $4 billion dollar government contract with Boeing.

Wait. Donald Trump rarely acts, he reacts. He’s a counter-puncher. So why would he diss “America’s biggest manufacturing exporter?”

CNN’s Jake Tapper had a thought.

The Tribune article titled, “Boeing CEO waits for Trump’s Trade Play,” begins …

“The brain trust at Boeing, among the city’s largest companies and a global aerospace and defense powerhouse, must cringe every time President-elect Donald Trump riffs on foreign policy, especially when it comes to dealing with China.”

The Boeing CEO then offers Trump some unsolicited advice.

“[Dennis] Muilenburg suggests the Trump team, and Congress, back off from the 2016 anti-trade rhetoric and perceived threats to punish other countries with higher tariffs or fees.

Instead, he suggests they get down to the business of advocating a stronger U.S. agenda during ongoing or upcoming trade negotiations with other countries.

‘If we do not lead when it comes to writing these rules, our competitors will write them for us,’ he said.”

Is Muilenberg implying Trump is maybe leading from behind?

Ahh. Trump’s adult crayon pic is coloring in nicely. Muilenberg took a swipe at Trump first. Well, now, it’s only fair then that the President-elect would tweet out a rebuff knowing full well it would affect Boeing’s stock.

So far we have yet to meet Trump 2.0. When do we get its next iteration? Should we expect a white paper?

Trump’s central concern is his ego. In fact, he is right about now throwing himself a big rally party in North Carolina to self-congratulate on the big win over a month ago.

Trump 1  America 0