RedState's Tuesday WaterCooler! 12/6/2016 - Open Thread - China to Trump: Handicaps are for amateurs

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Is President-elect Donald Trump a “diplomatic rookie?”

Of course, he is. Is Donald Trump stupid? Of course, he isn’t. Being a rookie doesn’t make one stupid, but when the rookie thinks he’s a professional in a ball game he’s never played, the rookie is going to be called out. China, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, Syria, Iran none of these country’s leaders think Trump is stupid; they believe he’s dangerous. They’re right.

I get that Trump regularly employs the classic misdirect – the incoherent bumbler with the high handicap. The media, his fans, and others have fallen for “I didn’t know XXX because I’m not a polished politician” ruse time and again.

But he’s not campaigning for fools anymore, and Trump’s jester facade is slipping.

“Trump may dislike, distrust the diplomatic establishment in Washington D.C., and aspire to rework U.S. foreign policies” China Daily wrote in a Dec. 6 editorial. “But he should first come to terms with the real, not imagined, reality of international relations before wielding the scalpel, because a misstep as president will be far more damaging than one as president-elect.”

In essence, China is telling Trump handicaps are for amateurs.

The Global Times says China should “brace itself” for fluctuations in relations with China and U.S., warning that Trump is treating China as a lamb for the slaughter: “Trump’s China-bashing tweet is just a cover for his real intent, which is to treat China as a fat lamb and cut a piece of meat off it. Trump wants to revive US economy, but he knows that his country is not as competitive as it used to be. He is trying to pillage other countries for the prosperity of the US. Trump [seems] to be wanting to make the US a new economic empire in the 21st century under his leadership, which is about to smash current world economic order. However, he doesn’t know that the US is the biggest beneficiary from the current world order, and he wants to reshape the world order into a winner-takes-all one.”

China is warning, don’t come to the table after inauguration with the misguided idea that these millennia-aged no holds barred states will let Twitter chatter go unanswered. It isn’t a game Trump will win. He represents a super power; act like it. Real people here.

“Trump” isn’t a fresh conceptual idea. When he said during the campaign that immigration wouldn’t be a topic if it weren’t for him, no one believed that, did they? Trump is nothing new. No country is caught off guard.

Below the fold

  • Seventy-five years ago December 7th, pilot Lieutenant Wesley Hoyt Ruth and a five-man crew boarded a Sikorsky JRS-1 twin-engine amphibious aircraft armed with three WWI rifles and a mission: “search for the Pacific fleet.” Given the strafing Pearl Harbor was getting, the senior officers’ orders to Lt. Ruth were likely closer to, “find the SOBs who blew our Harbor all to hell,” but the result was the same. Courage is knowing “this is going to be a one-way trip,” but choosing duty, not fear. The six men charged 250 miles due north of Oahu at 105 mph. Once encountering, but evading the enemy, Lt. Ruth returned his men and aircraft safely to Ford Island. He was honored with the Navy Cross. “Lieutenant, Junior Grade, Ruth’s outstanding courage, daring airmanship and determined skill were at all times inspiring and in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.”
  • Tiger” saved its owner from Gatlinburg’s historic blaze last week. Mark Burger hadn’t a clue the wildfire was steamrolling his neighborhood until his cat “Tiger” began to act cagey; pacing between the door and Mark and staring up at the window. On his way out with the trash, he figured he’d have to tell a raccoon to beat it, except he quickly surmised the news reports were not keeping speed with the flames. He hurried inside, picked up “Tiger,” his heart medication and four hours later he was down the mountain to his Gatlinburg shop. The moral of the story is pay attention to your pets because they’re smarter than you are; if you are petless, get to an animal shelter or area rescue and bring home something furry because they’re smarter than you are.

Today in History. 6 December 1865. One hundred and fifty plus one year ago today, the thirteenth amendment abolishing slavery was recognized as a legislatively binding amendment to the Constitution by the 36 states. Although President Abraham Lincoln didn’t live to see its ratification, first the Senate, then the House passed the proposal and Lincoln formally signed approval of the Joint Resolution sending the amendment back to the states.

Amendment XIII.

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have powere to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

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