Federal Judge warned Trump and loyalist Roger Stone against voter intimidation

In an apparent effort to head off voter intimidation, Ohio U.S. District Judge James Gwin issued an injunction yesterday barring the defendants “from conspiring to intimidate, threaten, harass, or coerce voters on Election Day.” The defendants named are Donald J. Trump, Inc., Roger Stone and Stone’s advocacy group, “Stop the Steal.”

The Temporary Restraining Order, requested by the Ohio Democratic Party, outlines the plaintiff’s arguments that refer to attempts by Donald Trump to encourage his rally attendees to monitor “certain areas,” and Trump’s supporter’s promise to make that happen.

Trump, Inc. suggested the injunction is a reiteration of Ohio law. Furthermore, they insisted they are already complying with the requirements, and so the TRO is unwarranted. Judge Gwin had this to say:

“Rather than issue a broad and indefinite injunctive order, the Court orders compliance with specific provisions of the Ohio Revised Code until voting concludes for the 2016 Presidential Election. And, where there is a legitimate possibility that particular laws may be imminently violated, ordering compliance with those laws is appropriate.” *all emphasis mine.

For Roger Stone’s part, the injunction is specific to his plot to dispatch “vote protectors” enlisted to volunteer at local polling stations.

“Questioning, and training, organizing, or deputizing any persons to question voters at Ohio polling places, in the buffer zone, or within ten feet of a voter standing in line outside the buffer zone, under the guise of the purported ‘exit polling’ or ‘citizen journalist’ operations organized and encouraged by Defendants Stone and Stop the Steal.”

The Trump campaign is denying affiliation with self-proclaimed “Trump Loyalist” Roger Stone and his influence-peddling and fundraising group, “Stop the Steal.”

Trump spokeswoman responded to a request for comment by Politico.

“Stop the Steal and Roger Stone are not affiliated with the campaign, and we have no idea what they are doing. The campaign is doing everything in accordance with applicable law — the suit does not challenge this, and asks only that the law be followed, which the campaign is already doing.”

The rivalry between the Liberals’ cry of widespread “voter suppression” and Trump’s conspiracy of pervasive “voter fraud” is flaming going into the final three days before the election. At a minimum, five swing states have filed suits similar to this one filed in Ohio.