WaterCooler, Friday! 10/21/2016 - Open Thread - Have you ever wondered what a socialist believes?

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Have you ever wondered what a real socialist believes?

Tuesday five Vermont Senate candidates met in Burlington for an hour and seventeen minutes to debate [VIDEO] the issues concerning Vermonters. The format was more a town hall than a traditional debate; for this reason, the Q and A were eclectic and, honestly bizarre and, disturbing.

At the outset, the debate illustrated perfectly why peripheral candidates could be a distraction.

The usual suspects were there incumbent Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy, and the Republican candidate Scott Milne. The three remaining candidates were from the Marijuana Party, the Independent Party and Peter Diamondstone representing the Liberty Union Party/Socialist Party.

Here are a few transcribed highlights.

Caller: How would you uncomplicate the tax code so we can expand the economy?

Peter Diamondstone: I don’t think we need to expand the economy … What we need to do is increase the wage by having a 20 hour work week at a 40 hour pay so that we produce less and that people get paid more … We don’t need more work; we need less work … We need more time to work at home to grow your own pot; to train for the militia.

Caller: What do you think about the Homeland Security budget being used for community centers?

PD: … But it has to be financed by confiscatory taxation so that major means of production and distribution as well are owned by the community at large … No compensatoin to those who own those major means of production distribution. They belong to us they always have belonged to us and we’ve been robbed by the capitalists who are sitting at this table trying to make it nicer. You can’t make it nicer. It’s still oppression.

Caller: Would you commit to upholding the filibuster on the nuclear option?

PD: [disregarding the question…] The capitalist’s view of taxation and it’s puposes are totally different from mine. I would tax away all the stock, all of private industry, the major means of production and distribution would be taxed confiscatory so that it would now belong to the community at large, whether it be rail … airplanes … car building … oil exploration. All major means of production and distribution should belong to the community at large. Private enterprise is robbery … So, I call on you to vote for socialism in the election.

Below the Fold

WikiLeaks Assange forewarns DNC Chair Donna Brazile and Clinton’s VP pick.  First, let’s back up a bit. Wednesday morning, as reported by RedState’s Jay Caruso, Marco Rubio offered his fellow Republicans a bit of advice,

“Further, I want to warn my fellow Republicans who may want to capitalize politically on these leaks: Today it is the Democrats. Tomorrow it could be us.”

According to The Hill, later that day, Senator Rubio, a member of the Committee on Foreign Relations, elaborated.

“Just think about this: Do we really want to be a country where foreign leaders or foreign intelligence agencies can blackmail our elected officials and say to them that unless you do what we want you to do, we’re gonna release emails from your campaign manager, your wife, your daughter, your son, and we’re gonna embarrass you. So unless you wanna be embarrassed you better do what we want you to do. Is that what we want?” Rubio asked.

“Because I’ll tell you that’s what Vladimir Putin does. I think there’s plenty of material in which to line up and take on Secretary Clinton. I think this one is an invitation to chaos and havoc in the future.”

Twenty-four hours later, WikiLeaks tweeted this cryptic threat to Brazile and Tim Kaine.

We have a suprise in store for @TimKaine and @DonnaBrazile.

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) October 20, 2016

Julian Assange is a narcissist and punk. He’s merely a modern day tattle-tale, a town gossip. But, Rubio is bluntly telling Republicans that it is Putin who is directly responsible for the hacks. Be smart.

Today in History October 21, 1960. The final of four debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon took place today in 1960. The only time before or since the candidates for president debated a total of four times. Foreign policy dominated due to the fear of communism resulting from Castro’s rise to power and the continuing cold war with Russia.

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