WaterCooler, Saturday, 7/16/2016 - Open Thread - Palin, Girls?, Holy Cow! and more

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Sarah Palin: I can’t see Cleveland from my house!

Therefore Palin, Trump explains, will not be speaking at the convention.


CNN reported Thursday,

“It’s a little bit difficult because of where she is,” Trump said, referring to Palin’s home state of Alaska. “We love Sarah. Little bit difficult because of, you know, it’s a long ways away.”

Target.com’s Gender Options: Boys or Gender Neutral

Target.com believes we live in a world where, when searching for a child’s toy, the child is either a boy or is gender neutral. I get that toys are toys. When my niece was a wee little tot, she gravitated toward trucks. No big whoop.

But, what’s the deal with offering option 1: boy or option 2: gender neutral? What happened to girls? It’s a mixed up and tricky time for toy purchasers in a 21st century world.

Holy Cow! Obama Gets Something Right.

If you have ever considered learning how to fly, a giant leap into the 21 century occurred yesterday, that may encourage you to “break the surly bonds of earth.”

Well, two giant leaps.

1. Our president showed himself capable of completing a task that is apolitical. Obama signed into law the Third-Class Medical Reform Act.

2. Although eliminating entirely the third-class medical (a requirement for a private pilot) was the goal, after a 30 year battle, this piece of legislation AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) was instrumental in getting passed, is a major achievement for pilots and aviation.

Without getting into the minutiae of aviation (too late?) and further, pilot medicals, no one doubts the health of a pilot is critical to safe flight. However, an unspoken maxim among pilots, is in the event of an incident or accident, the pilot is guilty until proven innocent. In the particular instance of a medical, the assumption is there’s a health issue until the pilot proves one does not exist.

As a pilot and flight instructor for over 20 years, I can attest to the arcane process required of student pilots and veteran pilots alike. Stemming from this Act, the FAA has been entrusted with dovetailing current regulations with the new legislation; moreover, they have one year to accomplish it.

AOPA, understanding the bureaucratic mess that is the FAA, pressed for a hard start date.

“…there is a provision in the legislation that says if the FAA has not produced a final rule within one year of the legislation becoming law, then pilots can operate within the parameters of the legislation without fear of enforcement action.” AOPA.com

One Giant leap for mankind.

 Ways to Watch/Hear the Republican Convention

“Donald Trump has promised a Republican National Convention unlike anything we’ve seen before, matching the excitement and unconventional nature of the primary season. SiriusXM is bringing together some of the biggest voices in the political conversation for an unprecedented level of coverage at this year’s RNC. ”  – Pre-show begins today on SiriusXM


“The Republican Convention Online, on Facebook, on Twitter, and in Virtual Reality.”

“Best Apps and Devices to Stream the Republican Convention”  – techradar.com

Techradar.com includes a plethora of ways to watch. Nary even a whole in the wall will bear at least scant coverage of our Republican Convention debacle. Set your DVR, folks! It’s bound to be entertaining.


Gear Up, RedStaters! Prep time is over. The Convention is moments away! Remote? Check! Pups Pottied, Fed, Watered? Check! Comfy PJs? Check! Snacks, Snacks, Snacks? Check!  You’ve found RedState’s only once daily Open Thread. Here’s the place to chat, chit and yuk it up. Enjoy!