New Harvard Poll: Cruz Millennials Pick Trump in Clinton/Trump Election



A Harvard IOP Spring Poll released 25 April,  has Hillary a clear favorite at 61% to The Donald’s 25% among “likely voters” aged 18 – 29 years old. Not terribly startling or remarkable.


Yet, when the Harvard pollsters asked the millennially-aged, tried and true, Cruz supporter who they would pick in November if their choices were Clinton and Trump, a whopping 69% said they would vote for Trump. Kasich supporters are split with 42% Trump, 30% Clinton,and 28% Don’t Know.  These numbers are truly disturbing for a #NeverTrump, like myself. It’s noted that the poll is not among Trump’s middle-aged, blue collar typical voter pool, nonetheless, it is curious.



When the 18 – 29 year old Trump supporters were then asked their level of enthusiasm for their candidate, Trump’s percentage of enthused versus not so enthused, was just about even at 51% and 49% respectively. That may represent an opening for an anti-Trump candidate to make some inroads with iffy Trump Millennials.

Enthusiasm Poll


As possible validation for the theory, the poll also lists favorable ratings. Sanders net favorable is highest at +23% Sanders to Trump’s dismal -57%. On the other hand, among Republican’s 18 – 29 years young, Ted Cruz’s 56% favorable rating soars compared to either Kasich (39%) or Trump (37%).

Net Favorable Rating


One last poll of note, when Millennials were asked if the government should do more to curb climate change, even at the expense of jobs, 37% said yes. Yes? Must be Sanders supporters.

Climate Change Poll