Don't Elect #JoshBaskin President!


Trump on Japan and South Korea

From a strictly business perspective, Trump makes sense. If Japan and South Korea defend themselves, the US won’t need to defend them.

It’s also Obama’s strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Withdraw our troops and make them responsible for their own security. It’s America’s fault, after all, these countries are in the mess their in and a couple millenia of jihad and bashing each other’s brains in is irrelevant. Their problems can be solved just by passing our baton to these very capable leaders and getting out of their way so they can build a civil society WHICH they will because America and Americans are to blame for all the world’s problems. And, Trump adds, we aren’t getting anything from these bad deals.

The countries Trump is speaking to, however, aren’t real estate brokers.  They’re living multi-complexities within regions, within countries. They aren’t business people on the opposite end of a boardroom table who are on the same page, ready and able to discuss power point displays and analyze pie charts. Trump knows business men because they are his people. They mostly want the same thing, therefore he knows how to manipulate and deal.

I’m 100% sure, judging by his past and current behavior, Trump has no idea who he will be making deals with. He’s fond of saying, “it’s simple. Common sense.” OK, but it’s not simple, and black or white answers aren’t going to Make America Great Again.

I can understand his deduction. I’m certainly not saying that most, if not all, presidents have lofty ideas until they sit in THE chair as the single most powerful person in the history of the modern world and realize the huge weight and responsibility they’ve just taken on.

I get it. But, where others are posturing and puffing themselves up to look bigger than the other guy and presenting “common sense” initiatives that we and the candidate, in reality and with some humility, know sometimes bear little resemblance to common sense, or will be possible to implement, Trump truly believes he knows things that nobody else knows.

Sunday, Chris Wallace interviewed Donald Trump. I saw Trump the business man, not Trump the candidate. I watched a man who earnestly believes, earnestly knows that everyone is stupid. And, he doesn’t understand why we (#NeverTrump) don’t get that “it’s very simple.” The top military strategists and economists are clueless and I alone, Donald Trump, without anyone’s help, know what to do. I will save America.

It’s quite sad really. Trump’s like a teenager who never had that clarity of mind moment when he realized his parents weren’t stupid, that they really did have something to teach him. The moment we move from reacting like a child to reasoning like an adult.

But most teenagers who, having lived through and experienced all Trump’s  experienced, would, 10 months into a campaign to hold the highest office in the land, would be having a I-do-have-a-lot-to-learn moment. He hasn’t. He isn’t going to.

“Oh, poor Donald” quickly shifts to “Oh, my good Lord! We can not elect Josh Baskin!” He looks “Big” but he’s not an adult and we don’t have time to wait for his moment of understanding and regret for all his insane childish behavior.

He’s right. We dont know until we know and learning never stops, but he insists he has no regrets to talk with God about and he advises himself because he “knows words.”


Trump doesn’t have advisors, at minimum, to ease the mind of #NeverTrump(s) if Trump does win the presidency (which, I might add, is THE fear. The nomination would be unfortunate for my party, but the ultimate deconstruct is Trump as president). I mean, he could probably produce a document with some names and even have them stand behind him at a “press conference.”


But advisors advise and the advised considers and a decision is made based on the advisement. Their is little indication any of Trump’s advisors’ advice is speaking to his inner adult. There may be a nugget here and there, but if I were Hope Hicks I would be exhausted and bored, constantly fixing his ignorant statements. Trying desperately to make her boss sound sane, reasonable and, following his nonsensical, off the cuff words, need to respond with, “there’s nothing new here. It’s the same position he’s had. You just didn’t understand him”

Oye! (Hand slaps head. Hard.)