Clinton Advisor Swats Obama

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A swipe at a Republican is no big whoop from a Democrat, especially easy pickins when it’s directed at the GOP Front-runner, Donald Trump. But, Yuge when a Democratic presidential candidate clocks a sitting Democratic president. Monday Tamara Cofman Wittes, Hillary Clinton’s senior advisor on foreign policy, hit President Obama on his Mideast objectives as “strange…bizarre, illogical…odd” and rife with “inconsistency and incoherence.” One might interpret Wittes choice of words as effectively calling him an incompetent boob on Mideast policy.

Clinton’s rhetoric has been desperate at times, tin-panning for the golden words to attract Obama’s millenials and first time electors undeterred by his actual deplorable approval rating. Therefore, Clinton attacking President Obama personally is a decided shift in her current game-plan possibly intending to kickoff a push to distinguish herself from Obama’s plethora of failures and neglect, which is deeply felt among his disappointed defenders who trend towards Bernie Sanders.
A recent California statewide Los Angeles Times poll, indicates Sander’s supporters will reluctantly vote for Hillary in the fall, so the tack away from Obama policies may mostly help to solidify Sander’s base for Clinton.