The Sarah Palin RocknRoll Tour to Save the GOP

The folks at Red State are always soliciting new ideas for rebuilding the party and regaining control of our country. I propose the Sarah Palin RocknRoll Tour to Save the GOP featuring Sarah Palin, the Lt. Dan Band and other commit artists.

The tour would consist of a series of dates and venues through out the country of course and the money raised would go to fund campaigns to capture seats in the House and Senate. The message is simple: It’s cool to be conservative and here are the reasons why.

  • Freedom to pursue opportunity and live the life that most people in other countries only dream of.
  • Embrace the exceptional role of America and all it stands for now and through out history.
  • Personal responsibility is the key to  success in family, career and personal growth.
  • Conservatism means helping people who can’t help themselves instead of those who won’t help themselves.
  • You are the master of your fate not government.
  • Yes. Conservatives are allowed to dance.

And the list goes on…

Andrew Breitbart makes the case that conservatives shouldn’t cede the pop culture to the liberal Democrats of New York and Hollywood. I think he’s right. We need to stop being the party of old white guys in golf pants. Steven Crowder and his now famous YouTube videos are doing more to resurrect conservatism than Michael Steel and the RNC. Hello?

Let’s chisel away the layers of fossilized ideas and start to think outside the box.