It's time for the Adopt a Congressman Program

It’s great to get our opinions out on RedState and share ideas. It would be even greater if we put those ideas to work. I suggest that RedState (or some other group with the resources) set up an Adopt a Congressman Program (this includes Senators). Yes I can hear the groans already, but let’s think about this for a moment. We don’t have to wait until 2010 to make something happen. We can start doing something today.

If you sign up for the Adopt a Congressman Program :

  1. You would be assigned a Congressman (or 2) to look after. Yes they would be GOP Congressman with some rare exceptions. Assignments would be done by RedState or someone else to insure that adoptions are distributed evenly.
  2. Follow that Congressman’s voting record. This is easy enough with the Internet.
  3. You would send emails or snail mail to the Congressman on a regular basis providing feedback on pending bills or just encouragement when they get something right.
  4. You would promise to support that Congressman’s campaign when they came up for re-election. This could mean donating money (even if it’s just a few bucks), making calls for the Congressman if possible or, if your in his or her district, actually volunteering.
  5. If you have the means and the time you would occasionally post a brief report on the Congressman here at RedState on how he or she has been doing. Have they been responding to the voters? Have they introduced any legislation we should know about? Have they pulled any bone head moves?
  6. In all this the bottom line is to get them to be accountable to the people and the country they represent.

I’m in Massachusetts so my Congressmen and Senators are the mooniest of the moonbats. It’s a lost cause here, but it may change some day. I would love to support other Congressmen in other states who are doing a good job, however, and so would most of you I think.

In unity there’s power. If our Congressmen realize there’s an “organization” out there made up of serious, conscientious voters watching them, encouraging them, supporting them and providing valuable grassroots feedback I think we can have some impact on the political process. It beets sitting around and complaining.

Just a suggestion…