Student fights for free speech

We have to applaud the courage of this young man.

A student is suing Los Angeles City College over an incident in which a professor refused to let him finish a speech against gay marriage, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The professor allegedly called the student a “fascist bastard” for speaking out against gay marriage. The professor threatened to have the student expelled after he complained to authorities. The Alliance Defense Fund, a group formed to protect the free speech rights of Christians,  has come to the aide of the student.

I think the implications are clear. The Left has lost all objectivity especially in academia. They have become heavy handed, intolerant bullies. Whether it’s incidents like this or the Fairness Doctrine, basic First Amendment rights are in jeopardy.

The commenters at the LA News NBC affiliate web site seem just as outraged as Johnathan. Commenter Jake writes:

What, you don’t understand? Let me spell it out for you — hate speech will not be tolerated. Oh, by the way, I get to define hate. We will not tolerate repression unless it is repressing what we deem to be intolerant. Stand in our way and we will invade your church, publish your address on the web, threaten to kill you, tear your sign out of your hands, throw paint on you, pie, you, turn our backs on you as you speak. All in the name of tolerance and open mindedness. Orwell, you were WAY ahead of your time.

I think he nailed it.