Where's the Balanaced Budget Amendment?

While independents and conservatives across the nation alike have been railing against the increasing of taxes, the explosion of spending, the great demand for more and more federal entitlements, and astronomical deficits during a recession, where is the call of the wise sages from the 1980’s who called for the Balanced Budget Amendment?

Does anybody in their right mind think that Democrats will ever balance the federal budget with their lust for larger government, more patronage jobs, and great pay and benefits for their senators, congressmen, and political cronies?  Does anybody trust that a newly reform-minded Republican party will control itself if it takes power so that it will reduce spending, end earmarks, and protect our nation’s financial solvency?

A Balance Budget Amendment would protect our nation from politicians who don’t have a near term nor long term self-interest in having a nation that pays its bills, keeps its taxes low, and prohibits its growth and infringement in the life decisions of its people.  It may even give these life-long politicians some incentive to get out of office since they would no longer have the fun of using a no limit “U.S. Capital One” credit card.  Reducing their ability to throw U.S. taxpayers’ money for any cause, could even cause some of these politicians to look to private citizens and the private sector for solutions of our nation’s problems.

The Constitution of our nation’s forefathers carried few flaws, but one of the critical ones is not having a Balanced Budget Amendment to protect the value of the dollar and to protect the financial health of its citizens and federal government.   No President, no political party, and no people should have the right to bankrupt our nation and destroy the long term economic well being of the United States.  Right now, this President, his political party, some in the opposition party, and many of their political cronies believe they have a right to their fellow-citizens’ money and to bankrupt this nation.  While there are other key necessities to having good economic health, the Balanced Budget Amendment is a major solution in protecting our nation’s finances for generations to come.

Do you want to see a nation have real reform or do you want to hear the endless babble from politicians who talk about cutting spending and taxes as they raise the ceiling for the national debt year after year?  End the insanity of this fiscal nonsense and begin another American Revolution for fiscal sanity.  Whichever party calls for the Balanced Budget Amendment could make history and could take political power for generations (because they cared for future generations).  The time is now and the time is ripe for real reform.