Return to Sender

Today, for reasons I get but don’t appreciate, all the buzz in the political world is about one thing: Barack’s annual State of the Union address before the combined Congress, assorted dignitaries, media hounds, and a national TV audience. Just about every angle is being breathlessly pursued:

  • Will Barack pivot to the center, at least with his words?
  • Will he take credit for an imaginary ‘pivot to jobs’ that has brought an imaginary surge in the economy, which we’ll have to sustain with more not-so-imaginary massive spending, regulation, and union bailouts?
  • Will he lecture both parties about ‘tone’?
  • Will he fill the room like hydrogen sulfide gas with empty promises that we’ve heard before and which he has not the slightest intention of keeping?
  • Will he use back-handed compliments to insult the intelligence and heart of the Great Unwashed of America, who in November rejected his statist policies, tossed his Party out of power, and delivered him his 2-year notice?
  • Will the Republicans, sitting next to their “friends across the aisle”, sit on their hands when they should, which is most of the time?
  • Will there be another “Joe Wilson” moment? The opportunities will be legion, since Barack may not speak a true sentence the entire night.
  • Will Michelle wear something hideous, that the media hounds describe as stunning, beautiful, and elegant?
  • Will Paul Ryan bring out the charts and graphs in his response?
  • Will the Leftist Media have collective…. mmmm, how shall I put this in a family reading site…. will they all need a cigarette when Barack is done?
  • Afterward, will Greta ask her victims 3-minute-questions that require a simple yes or no to answer? Will Hannity talk over his guests? Will they both unmercifully hound multiple prospective presidential candidates to admit to their candidacies?
  • Will Alito show up?

Is there a single question that either (a) matters, or (b) does not have a stunningly obvious answer?

Only that last one holds any interest for me, and it looks like we already have an answer. Apparently Alito, Scalia, and Thomas will be very busy shooting pool down at the local pub at that time. Love, love, love it! The middle finger is sometimes the right gesture, when an impudent Boy President has made a practice of ignoring the protocols of classy behavior. But past that, honestly, what is there that will change, that will inform, that will inspire? Anything at all?

We know Barack’s heart. We know what he intends, and we know now that the legislative avenues for his “change” have been thwarted, he will resort to judicial and bureaucratic fiat to attempt to accomplish his aims. What his lips say have no bearing on what he does.

To sum up, we know Obama. He ain’t changing.
We know the Democrats. They ain’t changing.
We know both camps of the Republicans. For once, they ain’t buying.
We know what the media coverage will be like, on both FoxNews and the Leftist Media. Nothing new.

So why bother?

You do what you want to tonight. It’s a free country, and for me it’ll boil down to whether I feel like straightening things in my garage, or actually getting started on tiling out the rest of my living room. That’s been waiting awhile, and frankly there’s nothing much going on otherwise that interests me. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not really a pool night for me.