Democrat election workers currently cheating the vote: you'll love federal prison

You may already know this: there will be a reckoning. Actually there will be three. This is primarily about the third one.

The first reckoning – America’s second Declaration of Independence

The first reckoning will be on election day, November 2, 2010, when Americans vote overwhelmingly to reject the Democrat agenda. It will be a down payment on the epic 10-year butt-kicking that will be delivered to the anti-American, anti-freedom, corrupt, anti-Constitution movement. We lost our vigilence, allowed this statism to creep up for the last 80 years. Now it’s run amok, and we’ll swing the pendulum back. As Dick Cheney would say, big time. Maybe you think it’s just a short-term temper tantrum, which the media hacks will of course assert. You’ll see.

It is a reckoning that will take your breath away. All your cheating will not keep the Republicans from taking 70 in the House, 8 in the Senate. That is the first reckoning. At least while you’re sitting in prison, you can comfort yourself in the knowledge that your cheating kept it from being 100 and 11.

The second reckoning – retribution

The second reckoning, I will relish this. I am not a nice person at all when it comes to retribution. I will savor it the way I savored the Texas Rangers’ 6-game beat-down of the Yankees (conservative country sure jammed it up left-wing country’s rear, didn’t it?). The events of November 2 will make it perfectly clear to all Americans not named Jimmy Carter that the Democrats and the unions engaged in massive, epic-scale election fraud.

It will be the bridge too far. Regular Americans are not like you and your patronage buddies, union thugs, organized criminals, communists, and radical social engineers. Nor are we anything like the snotty rich baby-killer limousine liberals that control you. Regular Americans are generous and magnanimous. Your mistake is that 80 years of tolerance you have mistaken for cowardice and lack of resolve.

What will happen after this election, when it’s clear that you stole 20-30 House seats and 3-4 Senate seats, you are not ready for. What happens will be fought on your territory, using rules you know but never expected to have turned on you, by a fiercely resolute people possessed of righteous anger that’s been stacking up ever since liberal judges started flouting the consent of the governed. When pressed, they are smarter and more devious than you. They plan. And they stick the knife in the place that will hurt the most.

And let me tell you something. Regular Americans don’t riot. They don’t demonstrate or boycott (very well). They don’t astroturf. They don’t terrorize innocents. They don’t commit indiscriminate violence or indiscriminate property destruction. They know, or will know, the people and organizations who are controlling you. Retribution will be clean and efficient. It will cost you, and your owners,a good bit more than it was worth to save a handful of House and Senate seats that ultimately won’t stop what we do.

Just shooting in the dark here, because like I said, I’m not in on anything. But it hurts a whole lot more to have the stock values of your benefactors wrecked (Soros does not possess especially secret knowledge), deliberately and maliciously by hidden hands, than it does to have some of your low-level thugs beat up. It will hurt tons more when union pensions never see another penny of taxpayer bailouts starting… well, already starting now.

If you have a union pension, let me just say…..no you don’t.

And it will really, really ruin you when a national right-to-work bill gets signed the fourth week of 2013, days after EO10988 is rescinded, making it illegal (again) for government employees to unionize. We will enjoy breaking you.

You’ll see. You yourself will not escape retribution, although I’ll have to say that in the big scheme of things, you are just a tool. Americans will be taking care of the kingpins.

The third reckoning – prison

But let’s get back to you. The third reckoning involves you. You’re a Democrat doing the dirty work. You are in a room signing stacks of absentee ballots, or perhaps ordering it done. Or maybe you are a precinct judge or worker who changes numbers, or after the polls close, you sign a bunch of names of people who didn’t vote, and shoot a stack of pre-filled ballots through the machine. Or you’ve been bringing people into the early voting places and “helping” them vote the right way. Or intimidating the poll watchers like they’re doing in Houston right now, in order to hide the cheating. Or removing signs, keying cars, causing untimely traffic jams (you thought we didn’t know that one, yes?) or doing other dirty Democrat deeds.

These are federal crimes. They are punished by federal prison. And when you are sentenced to 60 months in federal prison (see 42 USC 1973gg-10 [h/t Sound Politics]) , you don’t get out in 14 months. You get out in 60 months. Or as I like to put it, 3 years into President Bobby Jindal’s first term. Just in time for you to try to stuff ballots again…..oh wait, there won’t be anybody to pay you, never mind.

Let me introduce you to a handful of concepts:

  • Moles. You think conservatives are incapable of guile, of “playing dirty”. Yeah. That’s because maybe 80% of conservatives are that way. The other 20% saw what you did in 2008. Bet 5 years in prison that nobody involved with your electoral crime cell, or up or down the chain of command, is not a mole. Go ahead.
  • Traitors. Wretched people who are cheating right there among you, sitting in your meetings, but who will betray their fellows once the game is up. They’ll turn state’s evidence on you two seconds after they’re in handcuffs.
  • Voters, poll watchers, the spies and turncoats among you, and regular people on the street have discovered iPhones. You are being watched. Your license plate has already been recorded and logged. Is there a real right-wing conspiracy going on here? Let’s put it this way. Not that I know of. But we don’t need one. You are reading the Kos polls, which amounts to farting in the bathtub, and biting the bubbles. You haven’t really done the easy math here. Americans have rejected you, at astounding levels. They distrust you. And today’s technology just makes it fall-off-log easy to record everything, everywhere.
  • You’re not helping yourself. Even in national, liberal-run TV and radio news, the stories of electoral fraud are, eight days out, running rampant. You have already told us you are cheating. You’re too stupid to hide it.
  • Just because it’s illegal to record activities in voting places doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It will. Massively.
  • Did I mention iPhones? Ain’t it terrible what Americans think up in their spare time? An iPhone app that lets a person record electoral fraud, and send the evidence straight to people who can do something with it.
  • Fingerprints.

And lastly, let me introduce you to one more word, a word you should have known.


Remember how after 9/11, the evil people responsible assumed we’d do nothing? Yeah. Then we went to the heart of darkness and toppled two dictatorships. Then we camped out in their space for…..going on 10 years now. Just think about that, when you assume conservatives will not be serious about taking down the people responsible for the most massive voter fraud in history. Relentlessly. We
will not be deterred. We will not grow weary. We will hunt you into the hills, and take you down.

Sure, recording electoral activities is illegal. Well, sort of. At least in Texas, a person recording events in the polling place is subject to…….wait for it………..being told by the election judge to turn off the device or leave the premises. As for what you are doing out of sight, how many of the people you are working with have an iPhone? Or any cell phone with recording capabilities? That would be pretty much everybody. Take a look at the person next to you.

And maybe you think the evidence gained by surreptitious recording is not admissible in court. Well on that count, most likely you are right. But you never watched an episode of Forensic Files, did you? Once they find out who did it (even with evidence that won’t be used in court), there’s just no way they’re not going to eventually find the evidence they need that WILL hold up in court. And you think your union or the Democrat Party is going to pony up for good lawyers, when there are dozens of you going to trial, just from your county. Yeah…….OK.

Perhaps you think Eric Holder’s Department of “Justice”, will never fail you. That’s your firewall, your hole card. Isn’t it? Isn’t it? Do you want to bet 5 years of federal prison on that?

Do you know who Darrel Issa is? Starting about January 3, he’s the chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee. He’s got the goods on Holder, and half the appointees in that Department. The That’s not saying all that much. Half of America has the goods on Holder. House committees can bring down AGs, especially when said AGs hand it to them on a plate. And doubly especially when the Civil Rights Commission is itching to take him down. Holder will go down, and while he’s going down he won’t be wasting any time or energy looking out for you.

The truth is, a whole, whole bunch of low-level people are going to go to federal prison, because they are too stupid to do their deeds in such a way as to not get caught. The high level people you thought were your friends, the upper echelons of SEIU and ACORN, will suddenly turn into strangers. Strangers with alibis. Strangers whose fingerprints appear on no ballots. Strangers with all the very, very good lawyers.

Do you think I’m trying to persuade you to stop the cheating, or perhaps to turn rat on your buddies? Nah, not really. We’ll have plenty of rats once the indictments start. And your cheating? Got it covered. No, I’m just the kind of guy who talks trash about how I’m going to drive on you and dunk over you. Just before I do it. Go, do your thing. I’ll win this thing between me and you.

For the record, if there is a silver lining, it’s that federal prisons have the prison rape thing under much better control than the state prisons. And as we’ve already discussed, the crimes you are committing right now are federal crimes. If you find that information comforting.

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