It's your mom's Talk Like a Pirate Day

We had us a glorious time in Austin this weekend. Not only did Governor Perry throw us a party, he was one o’ t’ speakers at T’ Gatherin’. Also prominently featured were Nikki Haley, soon t’ be Governor o’ South Carolina; Chuck DeVore, who be goin’ t’ be a leader in t’ conservative movement; Congressman Tom Graves o’ GA, another shinin’ star; and Herman Cain, who starboard now be me guy for 2012.

Organizations sponsorin’ or workin’ closely with us included AFP and American Majority, both o’ whom I be becomin’ more and more impressed with all t’ time; Citizens United, known for their successful challenge o’ McCain-Fein’old, but also deeply involved in makin’ must-watch documentary films. And t’ Sheraton Austin was very good t’ work with, and frankly they put up with quite a bit.

And you have t’ attend t’ next one. Because thar be unfinished business. Even though I threatened t’ play t’ guitar for folks, I never got around t’ it while we were thar. And that be must-see.

Plus Bush.

And goats.

And word to your mom.

PS – you can do yer translatin’ here: http://www.fissio.com/pirate.pl