My Connection to Terry Jones

I feel I need to get out in front of this, lest the major American media tell you first. It’s not that I am ashamed of this connection, I just don’t want my beloved RedState friends to feel like I am hiding something.

  • Terry Jones, the nut-job pastor threatening to burn korans on 9/11, is headquartered in Gainesville, FL.
  • Emmitt Smith, the NFL’s all-time rushing leader, played and attended college at the University of Florida, located in Gainesville, FL.
  • Emmitt Smith played most of his pro career for the Dallas Cowboys, centered in Irving (at the time) and Valley Ranch, TX.
  • he won 3 Super Bowl Rings. I work in a place we call a 3-ring circus. Kinda creepy, ain’t it?
  • I have lived in the Dallas area my entire adult life, and I have worked at two IT-type jobs in Irving, TX. Coincidence? Hardly.
  • I even (this should raise major flags) interviewed once for a contract job with the Dallas Cowboys, while Smith was on the roster. I was given a fairly complete tour of the place, everywhere except restricted areas. While loitering in the main lobby, I even met and chatted some with George Teague, a safety who almost certainly knew Emmitt Smith personally. Extremely nice gentleman, by the way.
  • One of my co-workers at one of those jobs in Irving had a sister who was currently dating Nathan Jones, a defensive back for the Dallas Cowboys at the time. Coincidence? Not likely.
  • I am an avid Dallas Cowboys fan, frequently wearing the attire. I have replica jerseys of Jay Novacek and DeMarcus Ware, both of whom certainly know Emmitt Smith.

So the Terry Jones-Gainesville-Emmitt Smith-Irving-EPU nexus is pretty unmistakable. It is clear that I share some of the responsibility for this nut-job pastor in Florida.

Good thing I’m not the #1 talk show host in the nation. People might try to pin responsibility for Terry Jones on me. It’s bad enough they try to pin Jerry Jones on me.

So am I alone here. Anybody else out there have a tie to Terry Jones?