Oops, NRA does it again: endorses union shill running against the conservative

In Michigan’s District 1, the SEIU candidate in the Republican primary is proud to announce that the NRA has endorsed him in that primary against Tea Party candidate and physician, Doctor Dan Benishek.

Many conservatives are taken aback and very angry, while rumors abound that the NRA will also endorse Harry Reid in the US Senate race against conservative Sharron Angle. As Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid has stolen the liberties of Americans on a scale I would call incalculable, nigh unimaginable.

Why would the premier Second Amendment rights group in America endorse an extremist left-wing liberty thief like Harry Reid? His opponent is an arch-conservative tea party candidate who would be 100% guaranteed to fight for all liberties, AMONG THEM the right to keep and bear arms. That’s not even in question. When Harry Reid gets through taking away your freedom of speech, your freedom to assemble peaceably, and your freedom to cast a ballot that has a chance of being counted correctly, THEN he’ll take away your right to keep and bear arms, and you will have no tools to object to it.

So why would the NRA endorse such a character? The short answer is because they are stupid, dishonest, and short-sighted. I say that, as a lifetime member until I get around to cancelling my membership, (which I will certainly do). They assume that an unimpressive but tolerable voting record on the single issue of gun freedom by an incumbent trumps a new candidate, even if that candidate comes from conservative roots and is running on a constitutional platform.

Well, so be it. They endorsed Jason Allen, SEIU’s candidate in MI-1’s Republican primary to replace retiring baby-killer Bart Stupak, because apparently Allen has been amenable to gun rights as a state senator.

You know who else provides a “ringing endorsement” that Jason Allen is proud to tell you about? The Detroit Free Press, a lefty rag from out of the district that also endorsed Barack Obama in 2008.

Just remember, while Dan Benisheck has shouted “Enough is enough!” to Washington spending and stealing of liberties, Jason Allen has been sponsoring bills as a state senator to facilitate the forced unionization of independent day care workers.

So, who will it be for you? The NRA-, SEIU-, and media-approved candidate? Or the tea party candidate?

I know, silly question.

Support Doctor Dan Benishek!