Independence Day 2010 - November 2

A free people will not give up its freedom. Never has it been more evident than now that America is not Europe. We are indeed the world’s last best hope. And know this: America is spectacularly, magnetically, incurably, incandescent Exceptional. In spite of what the Boy President™ says, we ARE exceptional. And also in spite of what he says, nobody else can lay claim to the term.

We are it. There is no other. We are Exceptionalist America. We are the shining light of freedom that shows all the people of the world that they can be free as well.

That is one bold statement, given the times, and given the state the nation has been put in by 70 years of corrosive government social engineering, 50 years of judicial activism, and 18 years of unrelenting government intrusion, capped off by 18 months of the most fearsome assault on our personal freedoms and on our free market economic system anyone could have imagined.

But in the last 18 months, we’ve also found the answer to a question that has been dogging freedom-loving patriots for at least a generation, and perhaps for 70 years. We now know that in America, if you turn the heat up a little at a time, the frog will not boil. When the frog has had enough heat, he’ll jump out.

As encroachments have been made on our freedom, conservatives in a minority have been objecting loudly for decades. But with leftist Democrats working toward the end game,all of America has awoken. She has said, resolutely and finally:


The parallels to the American War of Independence of 1775-1783 could not be more striking. The imperial government has tightened its grip in the face of a population whose simple demand is “consent of the governed”. In response to cries for freedom, they have arrogantly and recklessly imposed their will, confident in the supposed knowledge that ultimately, good people will chose security. Good and honest people will play by rules, even if the government cheats. Good people will ultimately choose security over freedom.

But there’s a problem with that. Leftists know their European history very well. They know how the Russians were cowed by a tiny Communist minority following 1917. They have watched the last half century as Western Europe’s democracies have crumbled from the inside, little by little, into hapless, helpless bloated socialist cows who cannot even manage themselves, or defend themselves from external or internal enemies. Leftists are perfectly confident they can destroy America from within, and that Americans will submit to a controlling government that will (supposedly) meet their every need. Europeans do not have a founding principle of liberty. They do not have the good sense, the bloodline, the breeding, to know how to get out of the pot before they are boiled. Incongruously perhaps, I am convinced that in Eastern Europe, there is hope that future generations will learn and remember, that their hardy young blood will keep them in good stead.

But America is not Europe, and the Left does not know American history worth a hoot. Apparently they believe their own crack-pipe, grievance-based revisionist history. It simply will not happen here. We had our Boston Tea Party on April 15, 2009. The government immediately poured more contemptible big government on our heads. But like the Patriots of old, we have not gone home. We have not been cowed. We have had our Lexington and Concord, and Bunker Hill, our seige of Boston; shots fired in skirmishes with mixed results. We won with Scott Brown, Chris Christie, McDonnell, Rubio, Toomey, Djou,and others. We announced our presence with authority in the August recesses. Now you can hardly find a Democrat in Congress who will face his constituents in a venue that is not strictly controlled. We own the streets. We don’t even KNOW we own the streets, but we do. God help the Left if we figure out how to use it. We own the terminology. We own history.

We’ve lost some battles too though, like NY-23 and several legislative battles. We can’t make our 41 display any spine. It looks bad for stopping Kagan. Union power has made incredible gains, and they are convinced that they still own the streets. They don’t, but they think they do. And so far, a major portion of America hates what is happening, but is unwilling to join the effort to stop it.

Nevertheless, the revolution is well under way. By 1775, Massachusetts was in open rebellion in a sure-enough shooting war. Patrick Henry had gone a long way in bringing Virginia to that point.

Now we get to November 2, 2010. On that day, there will be an insanely high turnout level for a mid-term election, and by all signs in at least a 58-42 ratio, Americans will wake up that day having decided to vote out Democrats in favor of a Republican Party that is moving conservative, undergoing its own revolution.

Read those words carefully. The right will massively stomp the left in the elections that day. The Democrats have known this for a year. They will cheat, they will steal elections, and Eric Holder’s “Justice” Department has signaled, by dropping the Black Panthers voter intimidation case, that it is open season. You can expect all manner of union thuggery, vandalism, armed people outside of polling stations blocking the way for non-approved voters. You can expect huge, wholesale cheating in the vote count. You can expect the abominable, despicable American press to give them cover. You can expect violence.

It will happen. But I predict that they will not be able to steal enough, cheat enough, intimidate and block enough, to prevent a resounding takeover of the House of Representatives, with a minimum 235-200 advantage. We should, no matter how much they do, end up with a minimum of 47 senators. But win or lose, it’s on.

That day will be the 2010 edition of the Declaration of Independence. America will state in no uncertain terms to the oppressive Left that good people have had enough. They will say that the time for compromise is over, the day is over for allowing their freedoms to be cheated away by judicial fiat, by unaccountable bureaucracies, by executive decree.

Not only that. We’re not going to be satisfied with the nominal freedoms we still had in December of 2008. We’re going to roll the changes of the Left all the way back.


But be warned. As TheSophist so eloquently pointed out, the Declaration of Independence is the BEGINNING, not the END.

The Left knows all about violence, intimidation, cheating. That is their milieu. It is the canvas upon which they paint their world. They have geared up for resistance. They are organized. We are not (very much). Barack moved control of the Census Bureau from the Commerce Department to the White House. ACORN (not in name perhaps) and SIEU were thoroughly involved in the 2010 census count. The administration is moving to control free internet communication, and to subvert their CU vs FEC judicial smackdown of selective campaign-season participation.

They don’t plan to play nice. They are stealing America. They can taste it, they’re so close. They have gone far enough that they will not give it up without a bloody fight, and I don’t mean that especially figuratively. They simply will not allow an orderly transition according to the rule of law.

But General Washington and the Continental Army faced the same thing. The organized, trained enemy machine, the deck stacked against it. A lack on our side of funding and training, and a somewhat less than enthusiastic public. How did the Colonies win anyway? The cynics will tell you they won because the Patriots just made it too expensive and unpalatable for the British to persist.

I’ll not deny that. But it is more true that the Patriots persisted; that they hung on after a couple of bitter, killing winters with smallpox, dysentery, and starvation; that they loved freedom better than life; that the tide turned when they would not be turned back; that they crossed the Delaware River at night on Christmas to surprise the British; that in the end just beat the daylights out of Cornwallis (with some timely and indispensable help from the French); that if the British had stayed in New York City after Cornwallis surrendered in Virginia, the Continental Army would have come and destroyed them too.

The truth is, Americans know their history and their legacy of freedom. The wars we have fought in the Middle East remind us that practically from nowhere, America can raise up a generation of bold, courageous patriots willing to fight and die for her.

This Declaration will signify that the war is on in earnest. Not just for freedom, not just to throw off oppression, it is a war for the American identity. We still remember. We will have our Nathan Hales, our George Washingtons, our John Adams, our Benjamin Franklins, our Patrick Henrys. We may even have our Lafayettes.

And let’s talk briefly about the term ‘revolution’. This, exactly like the 1775-1783 war, is NOT a revolution. It is a restorative war. It is a war to throw off oppression and restore freedoms previously possessed.

I don’t think we know it yet, but we love liberty better than we love life. The Left has no chance ultimately. They will lose because if we have to, we will die to the last man before bowing to tyranny. They are nowhere near willing to do that. They only want power, and what good is power to a dead man anyway?

We love America more than we love anything else at all. It will be a heck of a war, but America will be free again.