Boehner and Cantor, unworthy to lead, should resign now

[UPDATE: apparently I’ve not been clear on one point – I am demanding that these 2 resign their leadership positions, not resign as congressmen]

You unspeakably cowardly moral midgets.

We will have leaders who shout “Give me liberty or give me death”, not obsequious weasels who snarl at more courageous men, “Don’t make the mean man mad.”

The times test a man, and fortunate is the man who finds a battle that tests his limits. Still more fortunate is the man who is proven worthy by that battle. Such men were Nathan Hale, George Washington, John Paul Jones, and the men who stormed Normandy.

In a couple of short years, the Left has wrought on America, on freedom, such damage it is scarcely comprehensible, the culmination of 4 generations of chipping away at it. What they are planning and attempting in the next 6 months is an even further destruction of the most grand, noble, and free nation the world has ever seen.

This is a time for great men and women to be tested to their limits. It is a time that will forge this century’s George Washington, Patrick Henry, George Patton, William Still, and Clara Barton. Men and women with the bark on. It is an epic moment, at our nation’s greatest point of peril since 1861. Against this backdrop, you, John and Eric (and let’s throw Mitch in here too) have been placed in history.

And you have failed utterly to lead.

Over the last 18 months, sometimes the leadership of the House and Senate has done us proud, yet at some of the most crucial times, you have failed miserably and embarrassingly. When push came to shove, you’ve shown yourselves untrue and unfaithful to the plain, basic tenets of conservatism. And this, the back-of-the bus fisking of Congressman Joe Barton (my congressman, by the way), a man who stood up and told the truth for the world to hear, is the final insult.

You, for the sake of……I don’t even know what, really…… tossed Barton under the bus, threatened to remove him as ranking member of the Energy & Commerce committee, because he openly declared the Obama shakedown of BP to be……. a shakedown.

Now hear this, John Boehner and Eric Cantor. I am dead to you.

Nothing you ever say again will penetrate to me. I do not hear you.

When it came time to stand up and fight, you did not. You are unworthy and unwilling, and we — the conservative revolution, the Constitution lovers, the ones here in the trenches who have fought with our spare minutes, hours, and dollars, tooth and nail, while you have compromised, dithered, negotiated, and moderated — will not be led by such as you.

Resign now.

Resign now, so that other, more worthy men and women, can lead America in the fight to save our republic.

That is all.

PS — Poltroons.
PPS — Mike Pence, I see that your name is attached to this malodorous deed. You better tell us different, and I mean today.
PPPS — Jeff Miller, how about a nice heaping bowl of how about you switch parties, you imbecile, because you sqeal like a Democrat.