To Calderon - get off my lawn

Soon enough we’ll deal with that mendacious little Boy President that invited you to come to America and badmouth the country. But you did it, and today this is for you:

Hey bato, get off my lawn.

[And you should go with definition 1]

I won’t lecture you about what gall, what arrogance it takes to come slam Arizona, when we know exactly what your own immigration laws are.

See, we already knew what a sniveling, corrupt, two-faced scumbag you are. Frankly, it’s not even surprising to hear you speak lies, distortions, and insults about our country and our laws. Penis envy is a pretty predictable thing, when it comes down to it.

Meanwhile, get lost.

You are not welcome in America, by Americans. Just by the Commies who won’t be running things much longer. You see, about 1/3 of those jerks that applauded you on our House floor, they won’t be working there next January. And in another two years after that, more of them will be gone, as will be the Boy President who invited you to do his dirty work here.

At that point, if you’re still running your little tin-pot personal enrichment program south of us, we’ll deal with you more properly. Starting with a fence, which by that time we might have decided to turn into a concrete barrier with razor wire and machine gun towers. Oh, and underground listening equipment. And RPGs.