Senate Repubs, DO YOU HEAR US NOW?

The disconnect between the Republican Party rulers and Republicans across the nation has been both deep and wide for a very long time. We (the people) have been quite acutely aware of it. The rulers? Not so much.

With Rand Paul’s mauling of the McConnell and NRSC-approved squish, America’s Tea Party movement offers a very large, very loud “Ahem” to the Senate Republicans. Actually, it was more like a smack across the mouth.

Skipping decades of Dem-lite and chronic reflexively gutless impulses, let’s just talk about the last decade. Normal, conservative Americans have stared, mouths agape in horror as Senate Republicans, time after time, have listened to their inner surrender monkey. To name a few:

  • They allowed John Ashcroft to get pilloried and smeared in hearings for his AG nomination. I swear to Jesus, there should have been fist-fights on the floor of the Senate over the things that were said by Democrats to and about a noble, honorable, humble man who was eminently qualified.
  • They threw Miguel Estrada under the Democrat bus rather than fight for him.
  • Also under the bus – Manuel Miranda, the Senate staffer who discovered unprotected Democrat communications that showed extensive — and unethical — coordination between Democrats and leftist groups in torpedoing Bush judicial nominations. Instead of acting on the explosive news, Frist and others under-bused him.
  • Gang of 14. Constitutionalist judges, join the others under the bus.
  • They allowed Jumping Jim Jeffords to defect to the Democrats without physically violating him, his horse, or his dog. Just a little hand-wringing and navel gazing.
  • They backed Linc Chafee in his primary against a (relative) conservative.
  • Perhaps the most ignomious for me personally. In 2004, popular conservative Representative Pat Toomey primaried Arlen “The Sphincter” Specter. Lots and lots of ordinary Americans had had it with Specter, and sent lots of money to Toomey. CFG sent him $2 million. In a move right up there with Benedict Arnold, PA’s other senator, Rick Santorum – a rising conservative star – endorsed Specter. Specter won by less than 2%. Santorum paid for his betrayal by losing his own election in 2006. For some reason he’s a regular now on FNC, and whenever I see this jerk, let’s just say my middle finger seems to have a mind of its own.
  • McCain-Feingold, which elected George Soros as America’s kingmaker.
  • They failed to support John Bolton’s nomination for UN Ambassador. It is not possible for there to have been a better nomination. “The Moustache” despised the UN the way most Americans do. But enter “Weeping George” Voinovich, yet again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
  • In 2007, the worst of the bunch — John “my friends across the aisle” McCain, and Lindsey Grahamnesty — led the charge on the Amnesty bill – which only went down when millions of ordinary Americans threatened an actual revolt.
  • John Cornyn of Texas, like Rick Santorum before him, was considered a conservative’s conservative. Then somebody gave him the keys to the NRSC. He lost brain, spine, and principles, all in some terrible accident. He’s backed a series of squishes — party-switcher Crist, Fiorina, and this Grayson clown — all in the name of electability. I don’t know how much money he spent on these losers – money donated by normal Americans hoping to fund the conservative ascendancy – but he has been a disgrace.

I could go on, but truthfully, I am sick to my stomach.

But here’s the thing. The Tea Parties have arisen, as much as anything else, because Republican leadership in Washington has failed to lead, in what has to be the largest threat to our constitutional republic we have ever faced. Instead, they have appeased, made deals, cowered, and surrendered, all while America fairly shouts “MAKE A STAND!”

John Kyl, McConnell’s segundo, stated for the record this week that slimy America-hating affirmed Communist and military-hater Elana Kagan will not face a filibuster.

Really, John. Are you just MADE out of estrogen? Does this color of nails make me look fat? Does my man-purse match my pumps today, or should I go home and change to lavender high heels?

America answered you last night, Kyl. Do you know what they said?

They said “Stand and fight the Democrats. If you do not, we will find somebody that will.

  • We ran NRSC’s favorite traitor Specter out of the party, and now out of Washington.
  • We chased your squish Charlie Crist – popular Governor Crist – out of the primary.
  • Incumbent squish Bob Bennett – flushed.
  • Now NRSC and McConnell love child Grayson – gone.
  • Next up: Fiorina and Norton.

Yet you keep on sending them.

Listen up, pals. If you will not lead us where we will go, then we will go without you. I think most of us really like the sound of Senate Majority Leader Jim DeMint. You are now on notice. In 2012 and 2014, we can primary any one of you. I am now officially calling for Michael Williams to primary Kay Hutchison in 2012. And I think Ted Cruz should primary John Cornyn in 2014.

So, you bunch of panty-waists. Do you hear us now?