Meet Jason Allen - Unions' favorite Republican, sent to rescue Stupak seat from conservative wave

We owe it to the people of Michigan to help them beat Jason Allen in the Republican primary. — Erick

I love when my income, that I worked my butt off for, is confiscated by the state government without my knowledge or consent, and given to the SEIU. Don’t you?

Doesn’t everybody love to hand over their hard-earned cash to the Purple People Beaters?

Well, if you live in Michigan, and you are a self-employed provider of personal care services to elderly Medicaid recipients in their homes, Republican State Senator Jason Allen wants to put you in the SEIU and put some of your money in their pockets.

And who is this Jason Allen?

He wants to be your Republican –yes, your Republican — United States Representative for Michigan’s 1st District (MI-1). This seat is currently held by Bart Stupak, the traitor to pro-life Americans everywhere, and traitor to his district. He did his dirty deed, then announced his retirement when his constituents roundly condemned him, and front-running Republican opponent, career surgeon Dan Benishek’s star, support, and campaign cash all began to rise dramatically.

Care to guess where Jason Allen lives? It’s not in MI-1. Well, not until last week. He has apparently moved there as of April 20, in order to establish residence. Looking at his history, it’s no surprise this man believes in “representing” people he doesn’t actually represent.

The incredible case of Michigan’s unionized home day cares

What Allen wants to do to home care workers has already been done, in 2006, to independent people who provide day care based in their homes. Without the knowledge of these people, UAW and AFSME created a front group called “Child Care Providers Together Michigan” (CCPTM) to represent home care providers who receive any state subsidy, about 40,000 independent individuals. Read that again. Home day care providers receive a subsidy, not their primary pay, from the state. They receive subsidies if they care for children whose parents qualify for state aid.

Then Michigan’s DHS under Governor Granholm’s direction designated these people “state employees”. She also created the “Michigan Home Based Child Care Council” to exist as the “management” of these “state employees” — since a union needs a “management” to negotiate with on behalf of their “employees”.

The Weekly Standard tells how this played out:

In September 2006, the union filed a petition with a state labor commission seeking an organizing election. When a vote by mail was conducted of the 40,500 providers who would be “represented,” the outcome was 5,921 in favor of the union and 475 opposed–largely, one suspects, because the CCPTM got out the pro-union vote, while the rest of the providers didn’t realize what was happening.

Jason Allen is the primary sponsor of 2009 Senate Bill 731

What the state and unions did to independent home care providers has resulted in a lawsuit. It’s not done well (Michigan judges come from Michigan, after all), but is headed for Michigan’s Supreme Court. But apparently union bosses are spooked enough that they decided to try to get legislative cover for their next conquest — individuals who provide personal home care services to Medicaid recipients.

So they’ve called in some of their favorite lackeys in the state legislature to propose Senate Bill 731. Jason Allen is the chief sponsor of the bill. It is co-sponsored by 8 other Republicans and 8 Democrats. Remember, this is Michigan.

The parallels to the above case are striking. The targeted victims are independent. Their tenuous attachment to the state is similar. Some of their customers qualify for state aid (Medicaid in this case), and so they receive subsidies from the state on behalf of these customers. Just as Governor Granholm did in the first case by fiat, the bill declares these people “state employees”, and establishes a shell government “employer”, the “Michigan Quality Community Care Council”, against whom a union could organize.

The union? Yes, you guessed it. SEIU, the Purple People Beaters. It is estimated that annually $6.6 million of Medicaid funds would be diverted straight into the coffers of SEIU.

Remember the words “chief sponsor” and “Jason Allen”. Same guy.


So now that Bart Stupak has announced his retirement, and career general surgeon and Tea Party favorite conservative Dan Benishek has taken the forefront in this swing district, career politician and union lackey Jason Allen has taken an interest. One suspects he’s been called on again by leftist forces in Michigan to torpedo this conservative takeover.

He just established an address in the district prior to announcing his candidacy. Benishek’s campaign has humorously offered to help show him around the area, with this statement from campaign field director Dan Blough:

We’d like to welcome senator Allen to the race for Congress and to his new home in the 1st congressional district. As soon as he actually moves in and we find out his address we’ll send over the welcome wagon and perhaps some cherry pie so he won’t be so homesick for Traverse City.

We don’t have to settle for this RINO

I get why Mark Kirk is what we have to live with in IL. I’m not happy with it, but I get it. But MI-1 is not Illinois. It’s mostly the Upper Peninsula, an R+2 district that went for Bush in 2004 and barely went Obama in 2008. Stupak is departing so it’s an open seat. We have a bona fide conservative in Dan Benishek, who is well-funded and has early momentum.

So why bother with a leftist lapdog like Allen?