King Pyrrhus was a whole lot smarter than the Democrats

Shortly after Porkulus was passed by the Democrats in February 2009 in a fashion that is now all-too-familiar, I wrote that the Democrats had won their Pyrrhic Victory

You know how I hate to say I told you so. 🙂

The brilliant Pyrrhus won his costly victory at Asculum. Upon being congratulated for this victory, he is said to have replied “If we defeat the Romans in one more such battle, we shall be completely ruined.”. Thus was born the term Pyrrhic Victory, a tactical victory so costly that it causes strategic ruin.

It’s what King Pyrrhus did next that may have been his most brilliant move.

He retreated with what remained of his army, and lived to fight another day.

Democrats had a chance to recalibrate, to moderate, to accept the victory won with Porkulus (their Asculum). They had angered Americans but good, setting off the groundswell that would become the Tea Parties. Neverthless, they had succeeded in funneling billions to their buddies and running up a nice big tab that would serve to cripple any actual economic recovery.

But instead of being content, they marched for the capital. On the strength of 60% majorities in both houses and a fawning press, they have thoroughly sacked Rome:

  • taking over banking industry.
  • taking over the bulk of the automobile industry and setting the nation against Toyota, the government’s biggest competitor.
  • getting Cap-n-Tax through the house.
  • installing a rogue’s gallery of cabinet members, czars, federal judges and other appointees — an array of thugs, commies, maoists, child molesters, thieves, racists, crooks, and terrorist sympathizers that would impress Joe Stalin. These people are currently busy setting the entire bloated bureaucracy to work instituting leftist, anti-American, anti-freedom policies at every level.
  • dismantling border safety and counter-terrorism.
  • instituting a foreign policy that turns on all our friends — Britain, Israel, France, Czech Republic, Poland, and Australia — while sucking up to dictatorships that hate us.

And now their crown jewel: health care deform.

But taking Rome is not the same thing as taking the Roman Republic.

And they know it.

They had to use every bit of chicanery, parliamentary shuck-and-jive, blackmail, and blatant bribery to get their health care plan passed, while America loudly shouted its opposition. Now they’re hauling corporation CEO’s before committees to intimidate them into silence — for simply complying with SEC regulations by reporting what the health care plan will do to their bottom line. They’re desperately trying to pin labels of extremist and racist on the millions of ordinary Americans who are protesting the Democrat agenda.

You better know this. They are hardening their position. They know what the polls say about November. But they’re counting on these things:

  • They actually think, some of them, that they can sell enough gullible Americans on the class-envy bennies in the health deform bill that they can mitigate some of the damage.
  • They can steal most of the close elections.
  • Even if they lose either or both the House and Senate, their agenda can march on, because:
    • the bureaucracies are terminally stacked with leftists who can institute policies the legislative branch can’t stop.
    • ditto for the federal courts.
    • Republicans in Congress are gutless and won’t play the kind of hardball needed to subvert the Democrat agenda.
    • The damage they do to the economy, to the health care industry, the auto and banking industries will not be undoable, and their dream of a dependency society will win out in the long run.

It’s not that most of those aren’t true. Historically they’re right on the money. But they’re under the impression that Americans will just shut up and do what they’re told. In pushing hard to institute their anti-freedom agenda, the Democrats have so grossly miscalculated America that the backlash will crush them.

They heard the Scott Brown message sent by Massachusetts loud and clear. They just blew through that stop sign and jammed health deform anyway. They’re going ahead with plans on card check, ruinous environmental regulation inspired by the Church of ManBearPig, and future perp-walker Chris Dodd’s Let’s Redo the 2008 Financial Meltdown Even Better Bill.

What awaits them at the next crossroads is the Mother of all Reckonings.

What were rumblings (Tea parties, August recess) are now tremors (protests and millions of phone calls mobilizing against health care deform). Even fudged pro-Democrat polls show them sucking wind. Swing Democrat seats are as good as gone. Formerly safe Democrat seats are drawing quality opponents, some polling very strongly. A worse sign is that squishy Republicans are drawing strong conservative primary opponents and getting snuffed like cigarette butts.

And always the citizens. Democrats in Congress simply can’t go home to their districts anymore. Conservatives are now dedicated, bold, and news-savvy, carrying video cameras, proving Democrat claims false, and asking very embarrassing questions, the answers of which have a disturbing way of ending up on Breitbart or FoxNews for millions to see.

Dozens of state governments are suing against health care deform. While they might all lose in court, the portent goes far beyond the immediate suit. I don’t think Democrats understand this. Earlier, regular Americans were rejecting the message of the nanny state, Marxism, corruption, and dirty politics.

Now America is rejecting the very authority of Obama and the Democrats.

The rejection in November will be so complete, so massive, it will be shocking. The new Republican-led Congress won’t be led by the Republicans you’re used to seeing. They’re going to be all-business, they’re going to be ill-humored any time a Democrat opens his fat pie-hole, and they’re going to have a mandate from “We the People”:

Undo it all.

Not just what’s been perpetrated by the Obamanation.

All of it.

Undo the whole left agenda. Public sector unions. New Deal. EPA. Huge bureaucracies. “commerce clause” abuses going back to FDR days. Start investigations, have congressmen and administration officials do perp walks. America wants to be free again, and Democrats have pointedly made themselves a huge obstacle to their freedom.

They will succeed far more than any of you expect. The world has yet to see pissed-off Republicans playing hardball in Congress. Obama can veto all the statutory changes he wants to, but he’s gonna get hit hard when every month they keep sending spending bills half the size of previous ones, bills that pointedly fail to fund BambiCare, bills that lower taxes and regulations on small businesses. He’s a pig-headed fool and he’ll veto them all. With any luck, Senate Democrats will block alot of these bills from passage by blocking cloture. They have to defend 23 seats (Repubs only 10). I invite them to make a bloody nuisance of themselves.

What the Class of 2011 starts will begin in earnest on January 21, 2013. And what Rome did to Carthage will be child’s play compared to it.

And that is just at the federal level. The states and municipalities are going to start reading Art Chance. Let’s just put it that way.

The leftist movement is a dead man walking. I take no small satisfaction from observing that they did it to themselves.