Crooks, Liars, Thieves, and more war against Toyota

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You may have missed it. It was in all the news, but perhaps you’ve been away — to Mars or somewhere equally distant from the long reach of American media. So let me catch you up quickly:

Toyota, the world’s leading auto manufacturer, is evil, greedy, hates Americans –especially children and minorities — and clubs baby harp seals, pollutes streams where trout hatch their young, favors tax cuts for the wealthy, sponsors dog fighting, sells tainted dog food to the elderly from whom it withholds all medicines except viagra, and worst of all [gasp], the top Toyota executives all worship Dick Cheney. Some even have the elusive Dick Cheney baubleheads on their desks [yes, try and find one of those in stock somewhere].

But now for the rest of the story……

Today we’ll talk about crooks, liars, thieves, and the maker of the best automobiles on the American market. The players:

Crooks – the Democrats currently running the American government into the ground
Liars – the American majority media
Thieves – the UAW
best automaker – Toyota

I don’t have a long flowing essay for you today. Stray thoughts, and some reading if you’re interested. But let’s get the main theme out here in the open. Learn it, love it, brand it on your heart:

Toyota WAS and IS the best mass-market auto maker in the world.
Their cars are on average better quality and better bang-for-buck than every one of their competitors. They are #1. They are the best. Their cars are the best. The Corolla and Prius, primary subjects of the recall witch-hunt, are the best in their respective classes, both previously and now. The company is, top to bottom, a righteous company with a good heart, that treats employees well, and does tons of stuff for the community.

American Democrats, American media, and other leftists are waging a war of smears and lies against Toyota, trying mightily to convince you that the things in the above paragraph are not true. They do it purely for the cynical purpose of advancing the causes of unions, ambulance chasing tort lawyers, and the financial fortunes of Democrat-owned GM and Chrysler.

Got that straight? Because if you need me to I can punch you in the mouth and explain it using smaller words. You know I’m there for you. 🙂

Now fun stuff on the Democrat war against Toyota:

UAW punks protest Toyota’s closing the NUMMI plant, whose demise was GM’s (and UAW’s) doing

NUMMI was a joint Toyota-GM venture in Freemont, CA, where they made both Toyota and GM cars. When GM went belly-up (thank you, unions) and was bought by Democrat-government, GM ditched their half of the NUMMI project as part of their “toxic assets” dump. So when Toyota decided to close their half of this failed venture, surprise, surprise – UAW “workers” picketing outside Toyota dealerships in nearby Modesto with signs saying “Toyota killing California jobs”.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, calling for an AFL-CIO boycott of Toyota cars, said “Toyota should not be thinking for one minute that they can destroy jobs and communities and then still sell us their cars.” NUMMI workers blamed UAW Local 2244 for trying to strong-arm the severance negotiations.

It’s OK, Dick. Force all your members to boycott the best cars sold in America. Hey, maybe they’ll switch to Chevy Cobalts, which is now subject to a recall of 1.3 million defective cars.

Of the 59 Dems on the House committees investigating Toyota, 31 have received campaign cash from UAW

OK,that’s SO FAR THIS YEAR. Today is March 3. Think it’ll only be 31 of 59 guys bought by UAW before it’s all over?

OK this is very complicated so listen closely. GM is owned by the Democrats. UAW also has an ownership stakein GM. Toyota is their largest competitor. UAW is lining Democrat pockets. Democrats have called hearings against their primary competitor. And the issues with Toyota are minor compared to both present and past issues with both GM and Chrysler, yet their officers were never brought up to face hearings (that I recall).

Conflict of interest fails to fully capture the depth of corruption that is being openly practiced, right in our faces.

Just a side note. The 31,000 American employees of Toyota are not unionized, despite strenuous, long-term efforts of UAW to enslave them.

Mark Tapscott zings:

Why is that significant? Because the UAW is a major stockholder of Toyota’s top U.S. rival, General Motors. Also, Toyota has successfully resisted UAW attempts to organize the Japanese firm’s estimated 31,000 assembly line workers employed in five plants here in America.

Democrats have been telling America for years that special interest money corrupts government. I wonder if that is not the case now in these hearings in which Toyota executives are being grilled and are being subjected to an avalanche of negative coverage in the Mainstream Media.

Coincidentally, Toyota sales are down and GM sales are up. Nothing to see here, folks, now move along!

Side note #2 – you really, REALLY should start paying attention to the Washington Examiner, and what may be a budding Examiner empire]

Consumer Reports is not listening


Despite recalls, Consumer Reports names Honda Fit, Toyota Prius Best Values.

Word to your moms.