My next vehicle purchase will DEFINITELY be a Toyota

You know it. I know it. Half of America knows it. I don’t know which of Bambi’s commie czars decided to declare war on Toyota, or maybe it was the Commie-in-Chief himself. But of two things there can be no doubt for any American citizen of above room-temp IQ (that’s 72 or better, David Axelrod – and no, you don’t make the cut).

  • The Bambi administration deliberately and with malice aforethought chose to single out Toyota for targeted negative attention.
  • They did it purely in order to benefit Democrat-owned Government Motors and Chrysler.

And you know what? I’d drive a 1400 miles to pee on a Democrat’s shoes. So I’m buying a Toyota next. Don’t know what model, but bank it. I already have a Supra Turbo.

So how do we know it’s an administration scheme? Because this just standard operating procedure for the Obama administration.

  • The media are urinating all over themselves to get the word out and keep the words “Toyota cars are death-traps” on everybody’s lips.
  • It punishes legitimate success.
  • It rewards all the unions and other crooks that benefit from artificially inflating the twin Obama blow-up dolls Government Motors and Chrysler.
  • It’s dirty and underhanded. Given the choice between doing something honest, and accomplishing the same thing by conniving, cheating, stealing, and destroying innocent people and things, Democrats will always choose the latter. Just because.

Let’s elaborate.

Because it’s fun.

Media Pig-piling

The majority partisan media (we never call them the “mainstream media” in the EPU household) are not much more than the media wing of the Democrat Party. They don’t even have to take marching orders or have coordination sessions. They single out and seek to destroy anybody on the right that the Democrats want, or anybody in whom they can find a weakness, even if they have to invent it.

A quick roll call: Carrie Prejean, Joe the Plumber, George W Bush, “macaca”, “wide stance”, Dick Cheney, Sam Alito, Clarence Thomas. Tea Partiers. And Lord, O Lord. Sarah Palin. Each of these was the target of vicious, extended, large-scale smears that served no legitimate purpose.

Now add Toyota.

Jealous of Legitimate Success

Democrats are bent out of shape by achievement and success. They’ve always got to set common people against successful people and businesses. If it’s the “rich” (aka “hard working achievers”) they need to be taxed more. If it’s “those greedy corporations” (aka “employers”), they’ve got to be taxed, unionized and regulated, and sued out of businesses.

GM and Chrysler were wrecked by unions and governmental meddling (CAFE for example). The Democrats took them over essentially because (a) the unfounded and delusional notion that they can actually run businesses, and (b) to funnel billions of dollars directly to the unions who do much of the left’s dirty work.

In the real world, lefty ideas flunk the market place. And let’s keep straight about who produces quality vehicles and who does not.

Best and Worst Vehicles

Automotive Lease Guide’s 2010 Best Car Resale Values By Class: 17 classes. Toyota has 5. GM/Chrysler 0.

Automotive Lease Guide’s 2010 Bottom 10 Car Resale Values By Class: Toyota has 0. GM/Chrysler 5.

US News, in their Best and Worst Cars for the Money 2010 article, had these snippets:

  • “Across 27 award categories, roughly a quarter of the award winners come from Toyota or Lexus, Toyota’s luxury division.”
  • “Chrysler didn’t manage to win any awards, and while General Motors won two last year, this year they only took home the Best Luxury Sports Car for the Money Award, for the Chevrolet Corvette.”
  • “Where Chrysler did make a showing was on the Worst Cars for the Money list. These cars are despised by reviewers, and over the long-term, cost more to own (sometimes much more) than the class average. The Chrysler Sebring, which car experts deride for its cheap interior and poor performance, is the worst midsize car for the money. Not only is the Sebring unpopular with reviewers, it also has high ownership costs, due in part to its rate of depreciation. Chrysler also earned Worst Car honors for its minivans; both the Chrysler Town & Country and the Dodge Grand Caravan finished at the bottom of their class in the awards race.”

Honestly, look anywhere you want to. In general, Toyota rocks, GM is ho-hum on a really good day, and Chrysler just sucks.

Current Recalls

Now it sure is a shame that Toyota ran into trouble with recalls. I mean, if Government Motors or Chrysler had any recall issues, I’m sure the media would jump all over that news, right?


This won’t surprise you, unless you’re one of Obama’s economic forecasters (“unexpectedly…..”). To quote MotorTrend in April 2009, “At a time when they can least afford it, recalls are hitting all three of the Detroit automakers. GM has been hit hardest with potential engine fires, while Chrysler is awash in mechanical and electrical problems and Ford is having trouble with a mounting bracket.” Included are these:

  • GM recalling 1.5 MILLION cars (numerous models) for potential engine fires.
  • Chrysler recalling 50,000 Jeep vehicles for a problem that would cause the “wheel assembly to separate from the vehicle”. And yes, that’s bad.
  • Chrysler recalling 100,000 Jeep Cherokees for the second time for the same problem
  • Just for humor value: Ford’s only item is recalling 429 vans for bracket placement that would not fare well in a severe accident. Funny, they’re not owned by the government, yet their issues are much less widespread or serious. Hmmm, odd, that.

What, no front page articles, headline news stories, and hourly radio broadcasts? I’m telling you, a wheel assembly separating from the vehicle at highway speed sounds bad. I’m not kidding.

For further study, here’s the government’s own recall site, operated by the NTHSA. See the raw material for yourself.

Rewarding and Protecting Cronies

The Democrat Party loves unionistas, commies, trial lawyers, and not much else. This Toyota thing is about propping up the UAW. And to some extent, Democrat egos.

Destruction as Bloodsport

Democrats and the media destroy right-side people just for fun. Seriously, what was the big deal about Carrie Prejean and her statement, when put on the spot? It was actually courageous and rather sweet and unpretentious. Joe the Plumber asked a fair and honest question that many Americans had on their minds. His crime was that Obama answered it stupidly. Yet both of these totally defenseless civilians had their private lives dragged out into public. Top Obama advisor David Axelrod (picture below) quipped that the president toyed with naming the new presidential dog “Miss California”.
David Axelrod
David Axelrod

Who’s with me?

It is a shame, but Toyota at least in the immediate term has been hit hard, To their everlasting credit, the company has gone to great lengths to fix the issues, and to offer apologies and “we’re working on it” ad campaigns. At no point have they pointed fingers, blamed everybody else, or whined about bad coverage. On top of that, they are, along with Honda, the best auto makers for the mass market on the planet. Hands down.

In other words, they are EVERYTHING that Democrats are not.

My hope is that this little furor will die down, that Americans in general will see the obvious self-serving ploy by Bambi and his band of commie idiots, and that market shares and resale values will return to normal. I also hope that when Republicans take over the House next year, they drag that little charlie-sierra Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood up in front of a committee. He needs a good perp-walking.

But anyway, hey you guys gonna buy Toyota next?

[UPDATE : afternote: this whole diary was terribly disjointed, unorganized, and probably hard to read. Sorry about that, I stayed up till 2am doing it, and…….well, it shows.]