FIFY Game -- What's REALLY written on Robert Gibbs' Hand?

Bambi’s Propaganda Minister is apparently not getting the yuks from the White House press corpse [Obama pronunciation] that he once did. I think we should help him out. This week he had one GOLDEN comedic opportunity, and in truth, he got us halfway there.

Mocking Sarah Palin for writing 7 words on her hand to make a speech (instead of reading the entire speech word for word, which is apparently what smart people from Columbia University do), the President’s Chief Jester wrote 5 words on his palm, with one crossed out.

It said:

Ha ha. Ahem, let me try that again.


Hmmm, I see what they meant. Just not funny any more. For starters, he should have crossed out “hope” instead, since…..well, you get it. Anyway, let’s help him out.

Dear readers, let’s make the list Bobby boy SHOULD have made. You do not HAVE to do 5 things, with the third crossed out. But you CAN. Just sayin’. Extra points for anybody that puts a haiku in there with a 5-7-5 word pattern.

Submit your list now. You’ll see my submission in the first comment.