What the Scott Brown victory Means: Brown, the Massachusetts voters, the Democrats, and the Republicans

I’ve taken almost a week to ponder — to savor, actually — the stunning and complete victory of Republican Scott Brown in the special election to fill the Peoples’ Seat™ occupied by Chappaquiddick Ted for these many decades.

My 2-cents — perhaps overpriced at that — are as follows.

Scott Brown

What he specifically means is the 41st vote in what seems to be a caucus united against the worst elements of the Democrats’ radical leftist agenda, including not only health care take-over, but the national global warming hoax energy tax (aka Cap-and-Trade) as well, and probably any attempt at Porkulus 2.

On closer examination of the man, he’s probably got much more of a moderate streak than people might have thought. But even if he turns out to be as moderate as Snowe or Collins, it’s highly doubtful he’s as big a sucker as either. He holds the gap at 41, and that is what matters. That makes him aces with me, and his moderate streak probably helps him when he has to stand for re-election.

The Massachusetts voters

Massachusetts is absolutely a blue state. They do unions, they do that snotty, elitist New England thing and they despise flyover country (we have a pretty mutual feeling in general). They dig big, nanny government. All this, and they deserted the annointed Democrat in groves, in impossibly, unfathomably large numbers. It was a huge turnout, so forget undersampling. Massachusetts spoke.

And what they said, emphatically, was directly at Washington, DC. In their minds, I don’t think you separate Obama from congressional Democrats, since they acted in total concert and everybody knows it. It was about Obama, and it was about the health care takeover — both in substance and in the completely arrogant and unAmerican way the Dems went about it.

There was rage involved. And it is the kind of thing that might translate into an actual, cemented, permanent change in viewpoint. And brothers, if it can happen in Massachusetts, then this Tea Party thing is bigger than we thought.

The Democrats

It’s this simple. The rank and file got the message. The leadership did not get it. Not one bit. They are going to order suicide marches and they are not going to stop. The Democrat House Organ (aka ‘mainstream’ media) also have no clue, and are pressing Dem leadership to lead the troops right off the cliff.

The Republicans

The GOP establishment remains frustratingly, disturbingly squishy and interested in retaining their own place, catching the crumbs thrown by the Democrats. They are worse than worthless. And let’s put some names on it, shall we? Michael Steele, John Cornyn, the 168 members of the RNC, Mitch McConnell, and I’m not especially convinced Boehner is our guy either.

In the 2010 cycle, the great independent masses see only how intransigently evil the Democrats are, how bent on Marxism. Voters are going to go insanely huge for Repubicans. If Republican leadership is the same old bunch with the same old attitude, then we will not manage success well in the 5-15 year range. Our only hope is that the Tea Party patriots can retake the party before the party retakes the country.

Anyway, my 2 cents. CIAO, guys and gals.