Hey, Hugo Chavez. Yeah you. Just shut up, goat boy.

As everybody knows, Haiti has been devastated by a large earthquake for which its infrastructure, government, and people were woefully unprepared. This small, dirt-poor, violence-wracked nation of 7 million people, has very likely lost 100,000,to 200,000 people dead, with the crisis deepening every day that medical attention, supplies, food, and water are not in the hands of survivors.

The American military has quickly moved into gear, bringing tons upon tons of supplies in as safe and orderly fashion as could be expected — which they also did in the wake of the deadly 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed 230,000 people, while the UN held their male organs and pontificated. This week the American people, as in 2004, have generated millions upon millions of dollars in private donations, 37% of Americans have donated money, and numerous American relief agencies are either in-country or trying desperately to get there to lend assistance.

We are proven yet again the greatest nation ever born, by any standard, a nation well worthy of wearing the mantle of American Exceptionalism. Even if momentarily led by a Marxist idiot and a party of thugs who deny it and would go to any length to undermine it, we have no peer, now or in history.

Against that backdrop, we now have the bleating of those who do nothing themselves, but are happy to take any opportunity to impugn the United States, even a United States ostensibly “led” by the dictator-friendly Obama regime. The French are unhappy — I read the article but I’m not completely sure what their beef is — apparently we’re restoring order too assertively????

And now enter goat-boy himself, the little munch-bucket who smells brimstone emanating from President George W Bush.

I don’t know where he found time in the day to comment on world affairs, as I had assumed that his daily affairs — running Venezuela into the ground, squandering a fortune in oil revenues, confiscating industries for government ownership (I believe this week it is “anybody that raises prices“, but it’s getting hard to keep up with), shutting down all media outlets not submissive to his rule, devaluing currency — kept him pretty busy.

So anyway, eminent philosopher, liar, thief, terrorist supporter, and strong-arm thug dictator Hugo Chavez chimed in today, saying

I read that 3,000 soldiers are arriving, Marines armed as if they were going to war…They are occupying Haiti undercover.

Doctors, medicine, fuel, field hospitals – that’s what the United States should send.

Well for starters, goat boy, it’s 7,000 troops, not 3,000. Next, I suppose you could occupy a nation of 7 million with 7,000 troops? It seems you yourself feel it necessary to control your 26 million people with 83,000 troops.

Third, nobody asked your opinion. Just SHUT UP. As in…..


Artwork courtesy Rott Dawg

Here sums up America’s diplomatic outreach to the complainers:

  • Hey France. If we need anybody to surrender, we’ll call. Got ya on speed dial.
  • United Nations? Frankly, I think there’s enough rape and pillage going on there. I don’t think they need any more. Sorry, maybe next disaster.
  • As for you, Goat Boy. If we need anybody to run the country into the ground, steal all the people’s wealth, hopes, and dreams, nationalize whatever industries and media outlets there are – hey, we’ll just send them Obama. Don’t need you. And shut up.

Bye now.