Of Gentlemen, Comity, Health Care Reform, and Punches to the Face

There is a time to wear tall hats and smoke fine cigars, and there is a time to headbutt, stomp on insteps, elbow the ribs, and punch in the face, all with glee and abandon. Senate Republicans better get it, and they better get it now.

I despise Senator Lindsey Graham.

I mean that. He’s a stupid lout who could not find his own arse with two hands, a map, and a GPS. I would not sit down and eat dinner or have a conversation with him. If I met him I would not shake his hand, and probably would not answer anything he said to me, unless I decided to tell him what cretin and a pig he is.

And you know what? I am a gentleman. When it matters, I am one of the humblest, least presumptuous and least demanding people you know. I don’t wish to brag, but a few of you know the depths to which this is true; and I’m making a much larger point here.

So how can I claim to be a gentleman, yet call Graham such nasty things? Walk with me, and I will show you how and when a gentleman takes off the gloves and slaps the face of somebody who has it coming. Then I will show you how business should be conducted by Republicans in the United States Senate.

First let’s give this a little scope. This is not about Lindsey Graham, per se. The same way I feel about Graham, I feel exactly about John McCain, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Bob Bennett, George Voinovich, and to a somewhat lesser extent, Orrin Hatch, Lamar Alexander, Richard Lugar, Chuck Grassley, and Lisa Murkowski. In previous days there were Trent Lott, Bill Frist, and many others over the many years.

You see, they are Comity Whores. They have damaged our nation and our Constitution by allowing themselves to get constantly played for chumps in the name of Senate comity. Each represents a weak point in the armor of what is good and right; but some of them, like Graham and McCain, make a daily practice out of selling out the real patriots, and they are to be despised more even than the evil men they cater to.


Comity is defined by Merriam-Webster as friendly social atmosphere : social harmony. In Senate politics, it’s defined as behaving civilly and justly with the opposing party. But what comity whores fail to grasp is that the first rule of comity is good faith. You do not negotiate in good faith with an opponent who does not do the same. That’s not comity; that’s walking around with a “kick me” sign on your back.


A gentleman will open a door for a lady. He will not sit on the subway when a woman is standing. A gentleman will deal honestly, and will defend the interests of those he represents — this is called “riding for the brand” in Texas. He will tell the truth to friend and enemy, and can be trusted when nobody is looking. Perhaps above all, a gentleman looks ardently to the interests of those who cannot defend themselves.

The Aspect of Gentlemen We Don’t Talk About

The same gentleman will kick the snot out of the man who insults a lady. The same heart, the same love of what is right and fair will cause him to honor the one, and spitefully treat the other. And he reserves his greatest contempt for those who profess to be gentlemen and men of honor, who are not.

The Comity Whore

There is a person who purports to be a gentleman. He makes a great show of respecting ladies in public, wearing all the right clothes, putting on the genteel manners, perhaps caring for the downtrodden. But when confronting evil, those who would abuse ladies, he will not fight. He will negotiate with them, he’ll “reach out to his friends across the aisle”, and he’ll compromise all that is right for the sake of making a deal, of “getting along”.

Further than that, this person will stand against the real gentleman, the one ready to kick the crap out of the evil one. He’ll project his moral cowardice onto the real gentleman, accusing him of seeking violence for his own ends. He’ll undermine the gentleman behind his back, thwart him all in the name of “getting along” with evil people.

That person is not a gentleman. He is punk, a lout, and a moral coward. Worst of all, he is a traitor, because he brings about the ruin of good men.

Democrats and America

Let’s get one thing straight. The Democrats declared war a long time ago. They threaten not only Republicans, but freedom itself. Long since, it should have been obvious that they do not negotiate in good faith. The press operates as their house newsletter, their dirt digging operation, their propoganda ministry, and their elite strike force.

They treat our people with despicably bad grace (think of John Ashcroft, Sam Alito, Dick Cheney, George W Bush, Sarah Palin, Manuel Miranda, Robert Bork, and George Allen, just to name a handful of the thousands who have payed for their patriotism and moral uprightness). They falsely accuse us of things they routinely do themselves (“stealing” Florida).

This year they have foisted multiple 1000-page bills on America, constructed in secret and with no participation by or negotiation with Republicans who ostensibly represent 46% of America. Their thugs have beaten freedom-loving Americans. The administration itself mocked Miss California for speaking her beliefs (to refresh your memory, Obama’s right-hand man David Axelrod said on a TV talk show that they were considering naming the presidential dog “Miss California”). They’re trying to stealthily impose Card Check, which would force thousands of unwilling employers into union servitude. They are, with the willing help of the Treason Media, trying to take over 1/6 of the economy, and a huge chunk of personal liberty, for no good reason whatsoever, trying to pass it through Congress by any sleazy device they can come up with.

They are the evil enemy. They lie, cheat, and steal with no qualms or remorse. Thus they have forfeited any right to comity.

There is to be no compromise with these people. They are not just political opponents. Every person in America suffers already from the havoc these people have wreaked on the economy. Every person in America suffers from the burden of the ridiculous and intrusive bureaucracy that Democrats love. If they are not stopped, America will suffer yet again from terrorist attacks made possible by the mendacity of Democrats.

In the Senate (or House), you already know that whatever they offer you in a bill, they will take away in conference. You know that. So screw them and their deals.

Flag These for Deletion

Make no deals. Accept no crumbs from their tables. And if some Republicans among you in Congress do so, or wish to do so, take them out behind the school bus and beat the stuffing out of them.

Let words like these NEVER again be uttered by Republicans.

  • not evil, just wrong – they are the very face of evil, you idiot.
  • my friends across the aisle – check your back for that “kick me” sign.
  • conservatism and leftism are two legitimate political philosophies — indeed, one tracks with the American Constitution, and the other has failed in Russia, North Korea, and Eastern Europe; and will fail in China, Cuba, Viet Nam. But it has no place here, where life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are cherished and protected rights.

From Here

I think I have already said it enough. Give no quarter, for you shall surely receive none. It is a fight to the death. Not merely for yourselves. You fight to preserve the Constitution and America itself. Therefore, ruthlessly pursue and destroy the enemy. Adhere to your fellows who are of like mind. And cast out your fellows who will not take up the sword.

Men like John McCain and Lindsey Graham shall not lead you or speak for you. Do not let them. You leaders shall be Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, and their kind. And the very day we retake power in the House or Senate, you emasculate the Democrats. You put your boot on their necks and crush them.

That is what being a gentleman requires.

They are not political opponents. They are sneaks, thieves, and haters, and they do wilfull harm to America, and to freedom the world over. Just ask Poland, Honduras, and Afghanistan. And Kenneth Gladney. And every citizen of Michigan.

That is all.

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