Dear Senator [fill in blank] : Are you a crook, an idiot, or did you vote against Obamacare?

It’s really that simple. Obamacare has already been rejected by America. It is manifestly outside the legitimate purview of the government in a free country. It is fiscally irresponsible on an epic level. The “bill” being passed around in the Senate is a blank slate to be signed at the bottom, with the details to be filled out later by Democrats, likely by people whose names nobody knows.

If you know all of the above and you vote for that bill, you are a crook. You are some kind of person who has put power above principle, a person who took an oath that you are breaking by voting for this bill. You may be gaining personally, you may just be gaining power over ordinary Americans, or you may have been pressured or blackmailed into voting for it. At any rate, you are a crook.

If you are *not* aware of the above, and vote for ObamaCare, you are an idiot. If you think the Democrats are offering some kind of deal in good faith you are an idiot. If you make a habit of signing the bottoms of blank sheets, you are an idiot. In fact, to the extent that you agonized over whether to vote for this ridiculous economy-killing, freedom-killing power grab…….you are an idiot.

If you vote against ObamaCare, in every committee vote, every cloture vote, every possible way to vote against ObamaCare, then good for you. America thanks you. You can come to my Christmas Party. I want a pony, by the way. Or anything Dr Pepper. Or anything bacon, such as the famous BAK-47.