Irrelevant Al throws pebbles at Rush's toes

If Al Sharpton ever actually earned the title “Reverend”, I’d sure like to hear about it. Did this talking pile of pig-crap ever actually pastor a church? That would be a sad, unshepherded flock if so.

Irrelevant Al is bleating again, in the oh-so-unsurprising matter that has come to light recently. He’s unhappy, and the left-biased media wants to make sure you hear about it, because he’s so……….irrelevant, dishonest, racist, and stupid, I guess. I can’t actually think of a good reason. Rush Limbaugh, along with St Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts, has put in a bid to buy the St Louis Rams. Rush, you may recall, cut his teeth on sports broadcasting with the Kansas City Royals, and has ever since maintained a keen interest in sports. He’s shown his sports acumen repeatedly, particularly in football matters.

As everyone knows, Rush enjoyed a brief stint working for ESPN in the NFL pregame show in 2003. What informed people know is that he got run out of town for making a perfectly valid (and true) observation that Eagles QB Donovan McNabb was overrated because the media had a vested interest in seeing a black quarterback succeed. What other people think they know, thanks to either their own biases, blatantly leftist media coverage, or both, is that Rush made a racist slam against Donovan McNabb.

So now that Rush wants to become an ownership stake in an NFL team, and Tawana Bradley Al Irrelevant Al has his panties bunched in drearily predictable fashion. He’s written a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to complain that Rush has beein “divisive” and “anti-NFL” — pretty amusing coming from a guy who has made his life’s work criticizing white people for being white, and extorting businesses for money and to force them to institute racial bias into their company policies. NFL Players executive director DeMaurice Smith has called Rush “divisive”, and is attempting to rally NFL players to oppose the move.

How typical. How irrelevant.

PS – special note to liar, tax cheat, thug, and punk, Attorney General Eric Holder: You said a few months ago that America was a “nation of cowards” when it came to race.

He said that Americans are afraid to talk about race, adding that “certain subjects are off-limits and that to explore them risks at best embarrassment and at worst the questioning of one’s character.”

OK, what happened to Rush is what happens when a white person mentions race in any context, for any reason. Democrats and the media have made this environment. Do you know that the Dallas City Council went into an uproar because two black members objected to a white member using the term “black hole” [to describe central collections ] and demanded an apology? Did you know that? And did you find amusing that whole story about Skip Gates making a racist scene, and Obama making a national uproar over it? So why do you suppose, then, that white people are reluctant to bring up race?

If you want to have a national dialog about race that is honest and objective, then maybe you could use your influence to combat this sort of thing — instead of using your influence to cancel Justice Department investigations of civil rights violations committed by the New Black Panthers brandishing weapons outside voting facilities and caught on nationally viewed video. I hope you get impeached over that, by the way. You should.

Just saying.

PPS – If the team including Rush actually does buy the Rams, then the Rams instantly become my second favorite team. Not only that, every NFL player that makes it known they will not play for the Rams on account of Rush joins my Sports Hall of Shame – adding them to the list that includes Barry Bonds, Dwight Clark, everybody that kept Bob Hayes from the Hall of Fame while he was alive, and Fernando Cabrera, and Josh Howard, among others.