Beset by powerful enemies, free Honduras courageously presses on

From the diaries, by Erick.

If you are judged by the enemies you accumulate, Honduras is one of the better republics around — all the local tinpot Marxist despots in the region, one that would like to be (Ortega), and the cherry on top : the world’s lone Superpower, led by a radical Marxist sympathizer who has already acted against Honduras and signaled that the world should do likewise.

Purely on the basis of its all-star collection of enemies, I declare Honduras, interim President Roberto Micheletti, the Supreme Court, and the Congress:

The rogue’s gallery – thugs, dictators, bullies

Enemies of Honduras:

  • Hugo Chavez: originally voted president of Venezuela in free elections, but in a series of moves took over as dictator; founder and leader of anti-US ALBA (Western Hemisphere Chapter of Thugs-R-Us™); noted America-hater; desires to control all of Latin America; has bankrolled and provided logistical support for first (and now second) attempts by deposed president Zelaya to retake control of Honduras.
  • Evo Morales : Bolivia’s strongman president, also freely elected but halfway to becoming the de facto dictator, using the Chavez 12-step plan.
  • Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva: Brazil’s ineffective communist president has not necessarily been a perennial bad guy, but has acted as Chavez’s tool in allowing his embassy in Honduras to harbor Zelaya while he incites violence and unrest in an attempt to regain power.
  • Daniel Ortega: communist who led the Sandanistas back in the 1980’s has recently regained control of Nicaragua. Zelaya reportedly crossed the border into Honduras from Nicaragua.
  • Raul Castro: communist dictator of Cuba stands firmly with the other punks.
  • Organization of American States is posing as the mediator between Honduras and the evil forces but is anything but a neutral arbiter.
  • ALBA: The official umbrella group of all the bad guys in Latin America, led by Chavez and includes Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Honduras (under Zelaya), Dominica, Cuba, Nicaragua, and some others.
  • European Union: the world’s largest confirmed case of penis envy, has already imposed sanctions against Honduras.
  • United Nations: Like the Mos Eisley spaceport on Tatooine, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. The General Assembly freak show looks like the bar scene. And they are considering and may have enacted their own sanctions against free Honduras.

And the chief thug and bully of them all:

  • Barack Obama: the neophyte president of the United States, who deliberately torpedoes the foreign interests of the United States, snubbing our allies and aligning with evil tyrants.

I am Honduras

So what are you to do if you are Honduras? They are poorer than dirt, they are situated directly in the corridor between the drug suppliers in South America and the primary drug consumers in the United States, and as such are the doormat of organized crime. Yet they desire nothing more than the freedom to be governed as they see fit. In 1982 they formed a Constitution that among other things took strong measures to protect themselves from an elected president going rogue and installing himself as dictator [sitting next to Nicaragua had an influence on this, maybe?].

Yet Zelaya attempted to do exactly this (the exact means was indirect, but there’s no question whatsoever about his intent), and the proper authorities in Honduras followed their Constitutional provisions in deposing him and installing an interim president who will govern until the election in November. The interim president was what we would call Speaker of the House, and he was the rightful successor, since the VP had previously resigned to run for president.

They have acted perfectly in accordance with their own laws, except for the comparatively minor matter of deporting Zelaya instead of throwing him into jail to await trial for a variety of offenses related to the misdeeds that led to his ouster.

There is nothing to debate, no point on which they should be reasonably expected to compromise.

Not exactly our little secret

OK, it’s not like your trusty friend EPU just today stumbled upon this, the fact that Honduras has in nearly all points acted perfectly in accord with their own Constitution (except that minor deportation thing), and the world’s thugs are making false accusations and trying to force their punk friend on an unwilling and free Honduras.

This has been covered detail by detail in the media (except for the unfailingly horrid coverage by both Reuters and AP). Jim DeMint, our finest conservative in the Senate, has made a pest of himself making the case for free Honduras. He recently traveled to Honduras, humorously outmaneuvering John Kerry who tried to have the trip blocked, and delivering his findings here. The Congressional Research Service researched and came to the same conclusion at the request of Congress.

It has been mentioned a time or two here at RedState.

There is no excuse, no ignorance. The Obama administration knows exactly what is going on. They are acting within what they consider their own best interest.

Honduras, I salute you

May the grace of God give you the fortitude and the fortune to win out in this stalemate. May we, the 46% led by Senator Jim DeMint, win the battle in our borders to force our government to stand for good and not for evil. You have been a loyal friend. May we be allies again in better times and under better United States leadership.