Joe Wilson (R-SC), patriotic American: done apologizing, now he fights back

A couple of days ago Barack Obama gave a speech for which he had demanded a prime-time joint session of Congress, an occasion nearly always reserved for national emergencies or extraordinary times. This session was called merely so Obama could mug in front of the cameras and deliver a bitterly partisan invective in hopes of shoring up badly sagging support for the unpopular Democrat proposal to force a government takeover of the health care system.

Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) famously shouted “You Lie!” from the floor of the House Chamber as Barack Obama propounded yet another lie in a speech crammed full of insults toward mainstream America and lies about himself, his virtues, and his political opponents. While Wilson immediately apologized for his incivility and lack of decorum (not for the substance of what he said, which warms my heart), the damage was done, and most headlines featured dual storylines – the regal president and the uppity congressman.

Joe, I salute you, my brother!

Lefty outrage has been predictable, and we on the right have noted the partisan media’s typical convenient memory. Democrats were utterly boorish in their treatment of Bush, far, far beyond what Wilson did, and with less, if any, justification. Now the left and their media lapdogs have made a point of smearing Joe Wilson (the newest revelation? Caffeine junkie, much, much worse than our coke-snorting president) and driving fundraising efforts for his 2010 opponent. Apparently that guy has raised some $700,000 in the last 2 days (mostly needed to retire some $400,000 in debt). Meanwhile, RedState and other New Media have rushed to Joe’s support, both editorially and through campaign donations, and he’s raised over $200,000 himself to add to his existing $200,000 war chest.

Unlike spineless frankfurters like Trent Lott and George Allen, Joe is done apologizing and now he’s fighting back. Follow the jump…..

RedState brothers and sisters, we have more power than we used to have. Nationalized health care and cap-and-trade are on the ropes because New Media and regular Americans have risen up to fight this takeover. Racist America-hating punk Van Jones is out of the White House because the New Media forced him out (with no help whatsoever from the partisan majority media). We’re going after ACORN too, which you KNOW is very near and dear to Obama’s heart and is instrumental in his electoral strategy. They are a big, big, difficult adversary, but just watch this play out and keep speaking your mind about it.

Now we want to make sure that Congressman Wilson is covered. He exposed himself to Left’s anger by actually speaking truth to power (to steal a lefty meme). It is our job to come to his assistance. If we let him fall, no other conservatives will speak out and America will get steamrolled. If we cover his back, then many other conservatives will be emboldened to speak out and take political risks against the Chicago Machine.

So use the tools you have and get in the fight:

  • Write diaries, here and elsewhere.
  • Comment on websites and blogs where our opponents reign.
  • Tweet on Twitter (use @CongJoeWilson). Be sure to use #tcot. Point to his FB Cause with this: http://tinyurl.com/knlqm7 , and donation site: http://tinyurl.com/nawdw9
  • On Facebook, link your diaries to your wall, and join his Cause and his Fan Page)
  • Donate to his campaign here.

Now House leadership is moving to propose a censure against Joe Wilson if he does not apologize on the floor of the House. Does that anger you?

Then fight back.