Obama's DC voucher hostages forced to listen to his lecture on opportunity

The federal government has effectively unfettered control over one school district in all of America : District of Columbia Public Schools. It is one of the worst in America, combining the normal graft and chicanery of Democrat inner city political machines with the spectacularly incoherent guiding hands of 536 little czars. I’m sure you’re just as shocked as I am that the DCPS spends the most per student in the nation, and tests lowest in the nation.

All hail federal control!

So say we all!

Let’s do the same for health care!!!

(wait a minute…..)

So naturally, Mister Hope and Change cares deeply about the kids trapped in that horrid, hopeless environment, in a city with the 5th highest murder rate. Right? After all, he smiles just right and says “Hope!” “Change You Can Believe In!” “Republicans are evil!” and other inspirational droplets of wisdom.


That would be no.

A resounding, clanking no. He very much enjoys keeping kids and families trapped in the clutches of the government, with no escape, no hope, and no chance for change they can believe in.

The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program provides private school vouchers for 1700 students, and was a program enacted by President George W Bush and championed by Democrat Mayor Anthony Williams in 2004. The entire 5-year pilot program was to cost $40 million (chump change in Obamonopoly™), and included money for the school district itself to dedicate to more teacher training and recruitment. Approximately 7,000 students applied for the program, of a total school population of 49,000.

High on Obama’s January to-do list was to shut it down, a year before the pilot program was to run out; but after intense pressure, he and the Democrats settled for sunsetting it, so that no more new students would be allowed. Republican amendments to restore spending for it were defeated on party lines. The Obama administration deliberately held back this report, signed by Education Secretary Arne Duncan, until after debate was concluded on the omnibus spending bill, which killed the program. The report shows that the program was both popular and successful, improving reading level ‘significantly’ and costing 1/4 the per-capita spending of public schools.

Yesterday the 5,300 students who applied for but did not receive one of the 1,700 vouchers were a captive audience for Obama’s piped-in speech. They probably don’t know that the person lecturing them on the TV also killed their dreams on purpose. They probably don’t know that the spending bills signed by that man have instead funneled money to organized criminal enterprise ACORN for the purpose of rigging the next election, paying them more than 500 times what one year of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program would have cost.

They probably don’t know that the program was killed largely as a payoff to the teacher unions.