Democrats squandering opportunity for self-examination, Obama at another new low

Get used to the term ‘new low’.

Obama is at 46%.

In a short 7 [ed.] months, Obama and the Democrats have completely busted the gigantic piggy bank of public good will they began with. I won’t recite here their well-chronicled drunken spree of bullying, dishonest, underhanded, bait-and-switch tactics that have served to tank a fragile economy and betray the trust of Americans. Amusingly, while their support has been eroding steadily in previous months, they seem to have been caught unprepared for the huge outcry of public frustration during the August recess.

Now polls show unmistakably that Americans are rejecting the leadership of Obama and the Democrats. Percentages, according to Rasmussen today:

  • 46-53 : Obama’s approval rating, a new low.
  • 27-69 : Congress knows what it’s doing on the economy.
  • 25-54 : congressmen understand legislation before voting on it.
  • 22-47 : congressmen have a good understanding of the health care bill.
  • 57-25 : would like to replace the entire Congress.
  • 43-38 : would vote for a Republican for Congress over the Democrat.
  • 43-53 : support the overall Democrat health care plan.
  • 23-43 : strongly support Democrat health care plan, vs strongly oppose.
  • 65-26 : believe CIA waterboarding of terrorists elicited valuable intelligence.

The news gets even better for America. Obama comes back from his taxpayer-paid vacation at posh, exclusive Martha’s Vineyard, and Congress reconvenes after the August recess.

Now is a great opportunity for the Democrats to examine themselves, to see why the nation is rejecting them.
Sadly, my prediction is that the Democrats in Congress will double down – attempt to take over the health care industry, in spite of fierce opposition by Republicans and most Americans. Obama will open his mouth in front of microphones, and if he holds true to form, he and his minions will berate all ordinary Americans and label them racist, stupid, short-sighted, racist, racist, and most of all, racist.

Americans are watching now, and we are a proud nation, proud of our heritage, jealous of our freedom, and resentful of oppression. Expect more new lows in polling.