Brian Faughnan of RedState takes MSNBC to Liz Cheney school

In case you missed it, Erick Erickson is not the only RedState TV rock star. Actually we have numerous RedState editors (and regulars) who regularly appear on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet radio, you name it. Some are permanent employees or staff columnists. Our own Brian Faughnan appears regularly on MSNBC as the conservative counterbalance to the default leftist spin.

See from last Thursday and watch how it’s done…..

David Shuster, low-rent MSNBC Olbermann-wannabe, is hosting. He’s made his name, such as it is, making a spectacle of himself with such things as his unrelenting use of the “teabagger” imagery and admonishing Hillary for “pimping out” Chelsea on the campaign.

Here he is commenting on what he calls a Republican misinformation campaign, and he recites an NBC poll which asks if certain things are “likely to happen under proposed health plan”, with these results:

  • Cover illegal immigrants — 55%
  • Lead to govt takeover — 54%
  • Tax-funded abortions — 50%
  • Govt death panels — 45%

He then opines that these things are not specific provisions of the bill, therefore regular Americans are stupid. Then he asks RedState’s Brian Faughnan to go along with his fantasy. But clearly Brian’s been attending the *Liz Cheney School of PWNing Biased Reporters, and points out that “likely to happen” does not equal “in the current versions of the bill”.

In later portions of the segment, Shuster misrepresents Obama’s statements and a statement by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, then asks Faughnan to comment. Brian calmly and politely sets the record straight, then comments appropriately.

We got good game here at RedState. Look for Brian often on MSNBC.

* In the Liz Cheney School of PWNing Biased Reporters, it’s not so much the jamming their face through a plate glass window kind of PWNage. It’s more of the leaving them curled up in a fetal position, wimpering ‘make the mean man stop talking’ sort.