CONTEST : the unofficial Marion Berry Itinerary Contest

Time for our second contest (and yes, prizes…). We’re still cleaning up the house from the first party, and here we are starting up another one. Ah, well….

YouTube and FoxNews are fairly bursting with videos of “Townhall Meetings Gone Wild” since the congressional August recess kicked off this week. Unsurprisingly the Democrats are scurrying like cockroaches for the cover of darkness, unwilling to face the immediate consequences of their behavior in Washington (longer-term consequences are, alas, a bit less escapable). Representative Marion Berry(D-AR) is no more or less shifty than the rest of them, but we happen to have a uniquely handy quote from his office, captured by one of the RedState gathering folk(h/t EE):

I called his office to see when his town hall meetings were going to be, and Emily, the scheduler, said he doesn’t have any meetings planned—when I feigned amazement (I’m not really at all surprised), she said that he was having a few meetings with certain groups.

So, here’s the contest. Fill in this blank with the name of a group:

During the August recess, Marion Berry will be meeting with _________________.

Rules after the jump.

But first, a better introduction to our hero de jour….

Now the guidelines:

  • Nothing vulgar or sexual in nature. Family site, guys. Ahem, Vladimir.
  • The group can be either real or made-up.
  • Each person can submit up to three entries, no more please, and try not to duplicate what’s already been done.
  • Entries are closed when I get out of bed Thursday morning.
  • Eight winners will be awarded, of which at least 2 will be *real* groups, and at least 2 will be *imaginary* groups.
  • I choose winners, I alone. I am the EPU, and while I may be bribed, I will never be blackmailed.
  • The judging criteria, I couldn’t tell ya. Whatever makes me laugh out loud, or say “Actually I bet that’s true”, or think “who even THINKS up something like that”. I dunno, just surprise me.
  • It’s supposed to be fun. In fact, I don’t think we can avoid it.

The winners get a free t-shirt of their choice from my website when I get it running (hopefully Aug 15).

Now, go do that voodoo that you do so well….